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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Travis Larson's Ultimate Cross-Cut Sled

So it has been a busy couple of days, though little of it spent in the shop. Went out to clean the driveway and lane way Friday morning and got a surprise I hadn't noticed, at the lane way entrance. The frozen snow and ice storm we had got the previous two days had fully blocked off the exit to the township road. I didn't get a picture, but picture this picture of one of my trails only 3 times worse.

I spent a good part of the day cutting down the smaller stuff and hammering on the larger trees to shake off the frozen snow and ice. I then cleared the lane way of 6" of snow. It was dark by the time I finished and of course it then started to snow. The extra weight of snow on the trees along the hydro grid overcame the already stressed trees and knocked the power out. Hydro sent a crew out and the power was back on after midnight but they were in a hurry to get back to there Friday night and the power was off again shorty after. Hydro was in no rush and power didn't come back on till middle of afternoon Saturday. The power was out for a total of 18 hrs. and between my wood stove for heating and cooking and my small battery/inverter back-up for lights and electronics, I did not have to start my back-up generator. I',m sure the new LED lighting contributed a lot to it.

So I can't offer much on my rebuild project but here is a project plan that some may not have seen before.

Travis Larson published this plan in a magazine that I found on the web, sorry can't remember which one.Travis's main aims in designing this sled were safety, accuracy, and uncomplicated large capacity. I think he hit the bullseye on all counts. The 18 pages of the build is well detailed, and will provide good guidance for a successful build. I need one for some cabinet work and this one is at the top of my list.

To download click The Ultimate Shop-Built Crosscut Sled. 1.2 MB - pdf

So I got another 4" of snow to clean up out there, ha, ha, tomorrow I think. I am going to try to get to a coat of paint on one side of the saw head today. Maybe post some pics. tonight.