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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Eccentric Metal Spinning

So there was another wind storm in the forecast. It hit in the middle of the night, I was awoken by the power going out. It sounded like the roof was being torn off by the 90 km/hr wind gusts. Power was still out this morning, took a walk around the house, no damage on the house or shops but I lost two trees, more firewood and maybe a couple more 8 footers for the sawmill. The whipping rain has turned to snow now. Don't let Trump's incessant BS tell you it's Chinese propaganda, the worlds weather patterns have definitely changed over the last few years, if over 60 years of memory is any indication.

"Hell, I didn't come here for no downed tree pictures. Where the hell is the eccentric metal spinning?" ha, ha, lol. So from another one of the engineering magazines I posted about yesterday, comes a nice little article on eccentric metal spinning, to compliment some of the earlier material I posted on metal spinning. This one comes from the December 1974 issue of "Metallurgia And Metal Forming".

Well, I guess I will be cleaning up downed trees this afternoon, if this wind dies down.