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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Now Where Did I Store Those Big Hunks Of Aluminum?

So not much to post today. That nice sensitive drill press plan got me thinking about materials. I know I had a couple of thick hunks of aluminum stored somewhere that might do. After a quick look through some storage boxes in one of the shops I found what I was looking for. They are both 6" long and over 2" thick at the min. point. I should be able to scale up the plan by close to 50%. While I was at it I pulled out a few other parts and materials that should help. I am in no rush on this project, probably early January, if I leave the materials out to remind me, ha, ha.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sensitive Drill Press

So to make up for the other drill press plan, I did't upload, here is an excellent and easy (compared to most other plans out there) plan for a sensitive drill press. This plan comes from the "Metal Projects Book 3" by John R. Walker, mentioned previously.

Construction materials are mostly thick aluminum plate and cold rolled steel. If you can't find a couple of small 1 1/4" aluminum plates for the drill head and table support, you can cast then if you have a furnace and it will be good practice in setting cores. I have lots of small drill presses, so my preference would be for the option on page 4, I have lots of Dremel type tools and this would be perfect over the flimsy mounts they usually come with. Maybe after New Years if I feel energetic.

Check this out, enjoy.