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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Framing And Sheathing Completed

Moving right along, completed the framing and sheathing on the front. Installed a vinyl drip edge and aluminum fascia boards on the beam above the entrance. The panels below will be covered in vinyl siding and the open areas will get plastic lattice. I don't have enough vinyl left to do the top but this is well protected from moisture by the eave above so it will get two coats of solid dark maple stain to match the fascia boards.

Front view

Looking out the front entrance from the back entrance.

By golly, I have a new workshop, lol. Kidding aside it will remain a dedicated parking space for my snow blower and main vehicle in the winter. In the summer I can see it becoming my favorite fresh air workspace. It is very well protected from the weather but is still very well ventilated for my propane system, back-up generator, fuel storage etc. I am toying with the idea of removing the doors from the equipment shed to ventilate it better, and adapt the doors for the top hung sliding door on the back entrance. For a front entrance screen I am kicking around an idea for a roll up slat screen. The 1 X 3's would be drilled through on edge to accept 3 cables with 1/2" pipe spacers between slats. The screen could be rolled up or down on a worm drive, as required, such as in windy winter conditions and still maintain good cross ventilation.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rail Framing Complete

Well I wanted to complete the framing and sheathing today but the dark clouds rolled in and its drizzling out there now. I did get the framing complete and if the rain doesn't last maybe a little sheathing work later. When the finished railing goes on it will be 42" high which is just right for my height. Now that I have a good idea of the enclosed size (outside dimensions are 8' X 12') I find it a comfortable size lots of room for a barbecue and 2 or 3 nice rustic benches, my resin will be banned to the 8' X 12' patio where the weather wont effect it to much. Here's the framing pictures.