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Friday, October 6, 2017

Finishing Touches

So I got the new garage/workshop cleaned up and finished. In the process I also removed the low light quartz fixture and replaced it with a dual light fixture and installed LED floods and LED - GE "bright stiks" in all the shops and storage areas except for the house attached shops which have installed florescent fixtures. Great improvement, much more light and greatly reduced power consumption. I use battery and inverter power for short power outages rather than starting my back-up generator. This will allow me to work in the shops without dragging the batteries down to quickly.

The shop cleaned up nice here are some pictures. In the first one is the rubber wrap I installed on the bottom of the door to protect the bottom edge and the door cable retainers.

Cleaned up nice in this picture, big space.

With the truck parked in it's new parking space, no need to pull the mirrors in here. I think it will be used for parking only in winter under freezing rain or ice storm conditions. The area in front of the new garage/ workshop is now protected on three sides with high eaves to direct the weather over the space, ideal for parking. (If your wondering about the spots on the floor, thats not oil, lol, I washed the truck before moving it in,still dripping.)

Just enough room to operate the yard tractor and snowblower without moving the truck.

The new parking spot for the yard tractor.

With the yard tractor now out of the outdoor equipment shed, I removed the doors for better access. There is room to store tools that I can pull out to use in the larger space when needed and lots more room to work at my repair bench. The two GE-LED "bright stiks" provide twice the light the two previous incandescent floods did at 1/8th the power draw.

So two more shops to clean up and I can start with my firewood. Cheers.


Its dark now took a couple of pictures to compare with the night time pic. I took a while back. First pic. big beautiful harvest moon tonight.

If you recall in my "let there be light" post I was running 2 - 90 watt halogen floods and 1 - 150 watt quartz, for a total of 330 watts. In this picture I am running 4 - 13 watt LED floods, for a total of 52 watts. Twice the light for much,much less power. Awesome.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Before And After

So I went with Rez redwood stain on the porch, I wanted to add some color between the dark browns of the trim and the light siding and this certainly does it. Busy day got the second coat on the soffit and couple coats on the porch.

Got in a fight with a couple yellow jacket hornets looking to move in under the eave, It was an unfair fight as I was on a ladder with a paint can in one hand and a brush in the other, they dipped and bobbed and circled me but I finally got lucky and painted their jackets red with a couple of swipes from my paint brush. Hopefully the rest of the gang doesn't show up for revenge, ha, ha.

I still have the floor and inside knee wall panels to do, Tomorrow if it don't rain. So heres the finished look.

And here are the before and after pictures.





So the essentials are done. There are lots of little things I still want to do, I'll post the occasional picture. A few are full blown projects which I'll try to document.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Let There Be Light

So it was a long day but we did get a lot accomplished. First off I finished the exterior of the new workshop with a second coat of stains.

Added the first coat of stain to the porch soffit.

Let there be light ha, ha. Installed the new light circuit. A relatively smooth and trouble free job, Had to drill very few holes as I routed my cables through both hollow H beams, just a few staples to keep things neat and they are mostly completely out of sight. The old patio quartz light was switched from the garage, so I changed the single pole switch for a three way switch and added another at the house entrance, they control two sets of lights , the old quartz light on the left and a pair of halogen floods on the right. Lots of light from the floods ,not so much from the quartz. If I find I have need for more light I will switch out the old quartz for a couple more floods.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Supplies Recharged, Apron Form Removed

Went out to my material storage shed this morning, came back out sweating and shaking with heart palpitations, all I could find was the plywood and white pine I am saving for some kitchen and bathroom cabinet work I am planning. Jumped in my truck and raced into town to alleviate my condition.

Aw that feels much better, LOL. Joking aside I will need some of this to complete the door ideas I plan and to make up the lattice panels for the porch. The 6 X 6 I have left in the photo below will be used to make up a stump style stand for my RR anvil.

Removed the form on the apron this afternoon. Weather has been unusually cool for this time of year so the drying and curing is going slow, thats good for the finished strength. The load of crushed stone I got makes excellent concrete, just the right mix of fines to coarse material and it was very clean, no organic material to muck things up. Its a shame I have to spread the half load left on the lane way but I am developing a soft spot, so that is where it will have to go.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Apron Poured

So I finally got the apron poured today. Planning your pour and preparing all your materials ahead of time will save you a few problems when playing with concrete.In the first picture I dug out the gravel and installed the form , leveled it lengthwise. It's important to put a slope in the apron so water drains away from the entrance and foundation. I put a 1" in 2' slope on the apron.

All poured and finished.

The apron is 3" thick by 2' wide and 20' long, I considered adding some steel but a pad this long and narrow is going to crack steel or no steel. So I saved my steel and instead cut two control joints at the entrance posts. If it cracks it should crack along these control joints, I can then caulk the joint with a flexible caulk to prevent the freeze/thaw cycle from widening the crack.

It's supposed to be nice this weekend hopefully finish the stain and get the electrical done.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First Coat On The Back

Rain and cool weather is to last into tomorrow, makes it hard to do concrete and stain work. I did manage a couple hrs. yesterday between downpours to apply the first coat on the back exposed wood. Went with dark maple to match the front and aluminum trim.

So one more coat on the fresh air workshop and two on the porch, a concrete apron and were done. I'll putter away with the door ideas as time allows. I like the plastic lattice it is tough as hell and easy to work with. I love the open porch but to cut drifting and wind driven snow in winter I may consider making up removable lattice panels and I will be installing a half height dutch door as well for the same reason. Flies are only a problem at dusk and at night so screening is not high on my list.

So a very productive summer, I'm due for a couple weeks vacation then I'd like to rebuild the Startrite metal band saw I got earlier this year, before I get into my fall chores (again already wow lol).

Monday, August 21, 2017

Almost Finished

Completed the front of the new workshop ☺today and applied the first coat of stains to the exposed wood. Rather than go with all dark maple I decided to go with cedar on the panels above the entrance for a little contrast. It looks a little patchy right now but this will all even out when the second coat goes on. Here's a couple of views.

I like it. If the forecast co-operates I'll pour the 2 foot apron along the front tomorrow and then I can concentrate on finishing the stain on the porch and fresh air workshop.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Framing And Sheathing Completed

Moving right along, completed the framing and sheathing on the front. Installed a vinyl drip edge and aluminum fascia boards on the beam above the entrance. The panels below will be covered in vinyl siding and the open areas will get plastic lattice. I don't have enough vinyl left to do the top but this is well protected from moisture by the eave above so it will get two coats of solid dark maple stain to match the fascia boards.

Front view

Looking out the front entrance from the back entrance.

By golly, I have a new workshop, lol. Kidding aside it will remain a dedicated parking space for my snow blower and main vehicle in the winter. In the summer I can see it becoming my favorite fresh air workspace. It is very well protected from the weather but is still very well ventilated for my propane system, back-up generator, fuel storage etc. I am toying with the idea of removing the doors from the equipment shed to ventilate it better, and adapt the doors for the top hung sliding door on the back entrance. For a front entrance screen I am kicking around an idea for a roll up slat screen. The 1 X 3's would be drilled through on edge to accept 3 cables with 1/2" pipe spacers between slats. The screen could be rolled up or down on a worm drive, as required, such as in windy winter conditions and still maintain good cross ventilation.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Roofed Breezeway Update

So I have been puttering away on the breezeway project the last few days, got the soffit and fascia all done and started on the end enclosures. Completed the back today, just needs stain and a top hung sliding door. The door will be similar to the enclosure 2/3 panel and 1/3 privacy lattice. I went with resin plastic privacy lattice, it is 3 times the price of treated wood lattice but I find the wood doesn't last and looks terrible after a few years. I covered the base panels with that used siding I had left. I should have enough left to do the 4 bottom panels on the front and back. The top front I have yet to decide on a finish, moisture is not as much of a problem so maybe just stain. Here are some pictures.

Hopefully I can finish the front this weekend, then I have a week of stain and paint to finish, on the porch and breezeway. I have yet to pour a 2' X 20' concrete apron along the front as well.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Finished The Roof, Ready To Move On

Didn't go at it to hard today, finished up the siding on the garage above the roof line and installed aluminum cladding on the boxed in house gable, a little bit of caulking and we are all done ready for soffit and fascia .

A little more explanation on the boxed in gable. Not boxing it in would have meant cutting the house siding and establishing a water tight joint there, in addition the co-joining roofs would have created a water dam which would have been hard to seal up. Boxing in the gable solved both of these problems relatively easy. Here are a couple of pictures.

Well I think a bottle of the captain's best is in order, cheers all. Thats from the heart not a pilfered signoff. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Breezeway Roof Shingles Finished

I had just finished installing the peak drip cap when the rain started. I managed to do the clean-up, put my tools away and snap a picture, when the skies opened up with a hard driving rain. I had at least 3 tricky points on the house and garage joints. They held up well, not a drop made it through the roof and there is still some flashing to go on, now that the shingles are done.

One half bundle of shingles left. They will be a start on the house shingles that I will have to do in a year or two.

Well my legs, butt cheeks and hips demand a day of rest tomorrow.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Shingling A Roof

Stayed cold and overcast all day, made it a day of rest except for a little exercise. Placed all the shingles on the roof ready for installation. Tip: for manual placement (lacking a forklift or loader) place them early in the morning or on a cool day, 70 lbs up a ladder is allot easier when they are stiff than when soft and flopping around.

A little roofing math, one shingle bundle covers 32.3 sq. ft. thats the same as one sheet of plywood or osb. One bundle also contains 68 linear ft. of shingles, I reduce this number to an even 50 ft. to account for waste ( you will get some waste, less than most contractors if you cut and utilize the left over after each row) you will require double coverage at the starting edge and the finishing row on shed roofs, triple on gable type roofs. I have 36 ft. of starting and finishing edge. All the edges will first get a layer of roofing paper.

So heres what we have.
16 sheets of osb = 16 bundles of shingles
36' of edge = 1 bundle of shingles 
So 17 bundles of shingles will do the job with a little left over.
The two sloping edges will also get double coverage, I have 3/4 of a bundle left over from other jobs to cover this.

So hopefully I will get the work done tomorrow that I didn't do yesterday and today, and start on the shingles Tuesday.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Roof Decking Installed

Rained hard most of the day today but I managed to get a few hrs. in and finish the roof decking, between downpours. For this roof  I used 5/8" T & G OSB less durable than the plywood I used on the porch, but it will be less exposed, with the house and garage on either side. Oh yes, it's $14 a sheet cheaper to. lol.

I have some work left to do before I can do the shingles, box in part of the house end gable, install drip edge and some flashing and a few other little things. Monday is a holiday here so I'll probably do the shingles Tue. and Wed. Here are a few pictures.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rafters Installed

So got all the rafters installed the last couple of days. The toughest part of the job is up and down the ladder all day to measure and toe nail everything down. Its tough to get 14' straight lumber nowadays, most has a bit of a curve in it, a tip is to position all the curves on the top of the rafters, when the weight of the deck and shingles goes on it will tend to straighten somewhat. Here are some pictures.

So except for a little work around my generator exhaust pipe it is ready to install the decking. Probably start Thursday my legs need a break.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Breezeway Roof Beams Complete.

So finished and took a couple of pictures just as the thunder rolled in. Completed the third support beam today. I'll be happy to put the ladders behind me, ha ha. There are a couple of small jobs yet at the garage and house joints and then I can start with the rafters. here are a couple of pictures.

The entry way is 9'1" X 7'3", from the top of the entry to the peak is 4'. It is another project but this will be lots of room to store my canoe on a couple of pulleys and a small boat winch.

Just checked my e-mail there are hundreds of beautiful Russian women who want to meet me (O BOY) and apparently Tesla invented a generator that can power your house, it doesn't require fuel or maintenance. He forgets to tell you that you have to eat 50 lbs. of beans every day so you can pass gas into the intake every 5 seconds. LOL.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Second Roof Beam Complete

Up and down a ladder all afternoon to complete the second roof support beam. For better support for this large roof rather than scabbing the support beam on the posts I cut joints in the ends, for the beam to sit in. Doesn't seem to be much interest in books or construction projects so probably no need to say this, but I will say it anyway, when making a long beam like this one, stagger the joints, two joints on one post is a weak spot.

The first picture is the finished joint to accept the beam. No power tools here, cut with a hand saw standing on a step ladder, be safe tie the ladder off.

Stagger your joints.

All finished, two down and one to go.

A future project will be to add a steel channel on each side of the beam. Bolted through the posts and beam it will receive a hoist to do vehicle and equipment maintenance, no more jacks, and it will be easy to unload heavy items off my truck.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Breezeway Support Posts

Took a while but the sun finely came out. I finished the low end support posts and H beam, looks great and very solid, ready to accept rafters. After fiddling for what seemed like a long time to get all the main support posts level and in correct position, I got them concreted in. I got my weight training in for a week, damn those 6 X 6's are heavy. lol.

Distance between main posts is 9' 1" so I can easily park with out pulling in the mirrors, and offset 2 feet to the garage side so I can park my tractor and snow blower along side and still access the entry without moving the truck.. Here are a couple of pictures.