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Saturday, November 3, 2018

"WOOD's" 1986 Multi-Machine

In WOOD's 1986, issue # 9 magazine, a very useful grinding and sanding machine was featured. At 8 speeds it allowed for slow enough speeds to do wet grinding, for putting very sharp edges on your cutting tools, without overheating. It also included a 8" sanding disk and the ability to run sanding drums and pneumatic spindle sanders. I built a similar sander without the speed changes and featuring two 8" sanding discs. I have taken it apart since I purchases my three 12" sanders, but I still have the shaft and bearings. Still waiting for me to find a new use for it, lol.

This would be a very convenient machine for a small shop, with it's ability to handle a variety of operations, weather your a woodworker, metalworker or other small shop hobbyist.

So the "Workshop Equipment" series plan that I posted a couple of posts ago, seems to have garnered lots of interest. In the next few weeks look for me to post the other two paper copies, I have. I will consider repackaging the other 6 poorly scanned downloads, that I have. I can't do anything about the first 2 or 3 missing pages, but they don't effect the actual build instructions.