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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"Old Time Mechanics"

So here is another of Lindsay Pub's short reprints. This one was published back in 1982, when I first discovered Lindsay Publications. It is a short excerpt from "Machine Shop Tools And Methods" published in 1919.

Labor  intensive hand scraping is pretty much obsolete in modern industry. For the equipment challenged workshop hobbyist or machine re-builder it is still a very useful skill. Most of the information on these techniques has been abandoned in modern publications but most older pub's devote some of their pages to these methods. Vise Work by Josuha Rose a future upload also covers the technique and also contains his version of generating surface plates using the 3 plate method.

I have posted a few articles on this technique before, half of this "Old Time Mechanics" 15 page reprint also deals with surface plates and scraping. the remainder touches on lapping, grinding, shrink fits, and balancing pulleys, cutter-heads, and emery-wheels.

So to download click "Old Time Mechanics". 2.4 MB - pdf

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Scraping And Generating Plates Without a Master

So here is another gem that I found in a used book store many years ago. "Practical Mechanics Handbook" by F. J. Camm was first published in 1938, this copy is from 1942.

I did not white out the background in the following pages and you can see that the acid burn is starting to brown the pages, so I will definitely be scanning this at a later date. I will share it then.

In the mean time here is a nice, short, but information dense chapter on hand scraping from this fine volume. A while back I read a back and forth on a forum concerning generating accurate surface plates using the 3 plate method. Agreement was not mutual. The description here is short but very clear in how to go about generating plates without a master (labor intensive, but thats the nature of the beast). In addition there is good information on the scraping procedure and making your own scrapers. Enjoy.

Click to expand and click again for best view. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Machine Tool Reconditioning Download Link

So the -45 cold snap broke Saturday night, Sunday and overnight we got 20 cm. of snow, today the temp. rose to -3*C, just right for clearing snow. Whats that saying, don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change ha, ha.

So it bothered me that I couldn't remember where to download the Machine Tool Reconditioning volume yesterday so I did a search and wouldn't you know it, it was on my favorite download site the Internet Archive. If you don't mind the text binding in the picture and the scanners fingers holding the book open, the text is very readable with better resolution than I could have uploaded with out sending the file size to like 100 megs. Must be a software thing the pdf is only 20 MB, it is also available in other formats. Below is a picture of what to expect, heres the download link

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Machine Tool Reconditioning

So Football day today, I have to thank our southern neighbors for the best sports entertainment on the tube, on these cold January days.

So the lost art of scraping is not lost if you have a copy of "Machine Tool Reconditioning" by E. F. Connelly. Probably the best information on the why and how of scraping and machine tool reconditioning out there. Written in 1954, after numerous printings the Connelly family renewed the copyright in 1985 for another printing. I am not aware of a renewal since. In the early 90's Lindsey Publications got a hold of the publishers remains and sold them in his catalog. At $40 a pop  they didn't last long. There are links to a poorly scanned and uploaded copy on the web, though I can't remember where now, a search should find it. It's probably a long shot but if someone is foolish enough to accept used book prices for it, it would be your gain.

Here are images of the cover, title, and contents page. Here also is the first chapter "The Art of Scraping" a beginners overview. I will try to upload Chapter 6 "Manipulating The Scraping Tool" later in the week. That would provide the basics, at 533 pages there is much more to scraping and tool reconditioning. If I get a request for more info I'll try to get more chapters uploaded in the future.

Click on the images to expand.

And here is a worn machine chuckle.