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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Step By Step Guide Book On Home Wiring

Got a couple hrs. in on the breezeway project today, hopefully finish the front tomorrow. I have a couple of outdoor receptacles within the enclosure, I will be adding a couple more. For lighting I had an outdoor Quartz light on the side of the garage, I had to remove it to allow for the roof . I will reinstall it on two three way switches one at the garage and one at the house entrance. In addition I will install two additional flood lamps, hopefully this should make for comfortable night time work when needed.

I don't do enough wiring to keep other than very basic circuits in sharp memory so for more complicated circuits I have many books on the subject to refer to. For home circuits other than supply panel wiring, "Step By Step Guide Book On Home Wiring" is a quick no muss no fuss reference guide. I have it printed off in a three ring binder, and simply pull the page with the circuit I need for a quick reference on the job. Large clear illustrations, clearly labeled, make it hard to go wrong. Lots of good clear information that is sometimes hard to find in larger volumes.

Please read the "Important" notice at the bottom of the contents page. If you have a hard time matching two black wires or don't know the difference between hot and neutral, don't pretend you do, call an electrician. Be skeptical of forum advice, not all, but some posters are better at gawking at an accident they helped create than being helpful.

You can download "Step By Step Guide Book On Home Wiring" on my Books - Free Downloads page, 6 MB pdf.