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Friday, November 9, 2018

Air-Operated Arbor Press

So here is a second design problem from " Machine Design Drawing Room Problems". This design problem was relatively short, 7 pages, so it is posted complete here. Nothing new about an arbor press but it is interesting to see the design steps that go into producing a marketable product.

Machine Design Drawing Room Problems

Here is an older but still interesting book for the machine designer. " Machine Design Drawing Room Problems" by C.D. Albert, was first published in 1923 by John Wiley & Sons. This third edition was published in 1947.

In addition to a good number of specific design problems of various pieces of equipment, the text also covers engineering materials used, and without getting to deeply into the math, outlines the calculations necessary to build machines that will stand up to the required specifications.

To stay with the topic of the previous post, I am posting here part of a design problem titled "Combination Punch And Shear". This chapter is 32 pages so I will just post part of it here, the pictures, and the punch and shear tooling. If someone would like to see the whole design problem, message me, and I will post a pdf of the complete chapter.

Machines like this are not built any more, the modern hydraulic ironworker does similar work in a smaller package. It is still amazing the amount of power that can be achieved from a heavy flywheel, powering a simple eccentric, through a large speed reduction.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

First Snow 2017

It's par for the course for most Canadians but others may be interested. Got up this morning to the first large wet snow flakes coming down for the coming winter. The forecast is for another week or two of warm weather but for today its starting to look like winter out there.

So I spread most of the remaining granular A material I had left along the left side of my lane-way, which was developing a soft shoulder. Hard to see with all the wet snow flakes, but it packed and leveled up nice.

All gone, finally got my turnaround area back after a summer of driving around a pile of granular A. 

I did manage to save a couple of tons for future small concrete jobs.

So I got my oil changes done and installed the chains, weights and blade on my winter tractor. This guy is in its 16th year and still running great. However when I filled the fuel tank to grade the lane-way I discovered a small fuel leak in the fuel tank half way up at the mold joint.

So I will have to take it apart this afternoon and hopefully repair the tank.

Manual Of Applied Machine Design

For those who would like more content in their visits here, don't be discouraged, here is something everyone will like.

"Manual Of Applied Machine Design" by Herbert H. Alvord and the University of Michigan is a short (78 pages) overview of machine design with lots of illustrations of specific examples. You will not find any math or theory here, but you will find specific points to go about the methods of machine design and many examples of the different components required in most machine constructions, rotating parts, clutches, brakes, speed devices, castings, and housings.

You can download "Manual Of Applied Machine Design" on my Books - Free Downloads page. # 25 - 1 MB - pdf.

So this is what it looked like two hrs. after I took the first pictures. Hopefully be all gone tomorrow so I can start the firewood. lol.

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Manual Of Machine Drawing And Design

Well it has to be one of the soggiest summers in recent memory. More rain days than non-rain days and this weekend is no exception. Fortunately with the new roof I can continue to putter away on the front enclosure assemblies for the breezeway project.

Slow starting today, thought I would upload a great old book, "A Manual Of Machine Drawing And Design". Kudos go out to the Cornell University Library digitizing staff. All the very best uploads to the internet archive are done by the Cornell staff. The digitized volumes are spotlessly cleaned up and centered, except for the content of course, you would never know the volume is 100 years old.

There are lots of old books on drawing and machine design out there, this is one of the best I have come across. This was written when the steam engine and locomotive were still king, so much of the instruction centers around the assemblies involved in this technology. There are enough measured drawings at the back to build the complete boiler and engine assemblies for a locomotive. This may not be everyones cup of tea, but it makes for interesting reading. There is some math involved, but this is unavoidable in a volume on machine design.

Lots of very clean and mostly measured drawings, if you like old tech you will love this. You can download "A Manual Of Machine Drawing And Design" on my Books - Free Downloads page, it is 13 MB in pdf.