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Friday, March 2, 2018

Production Molding Patterns

It's been a while since we posted anything on the casting process so here's an article some will find useful and most will find interesting.

So you have built a functional small foundry, developed a nice tool or product, built a prototype and worked out all the kinks. You have determined that there is enough demand to make it worth your while to produce and sell. You may decide that selling a casting set for the diy'er is more profitable or a partly machined set will be in greater demand. Either way you will need to set up accurate and interchangeable casting production. For small to medium sized castings aluminum match plates is a reasonable way to go. There are more accurate methods and I will post some of them in later posts from this book, but for most castings, match plate molds are quick and inexpensive to produce.

"The Giant Book Of Metalworking Projects" published by Tab Books Inc. in 1983, (yes you have seen this in at least one previous post) is cover to cover full of great projects and metalworking information. Picture quality is not that great, but that applies to most Tab books. Quality has improved since McGraw Hill bought them out years ago. There are other casting methods outlined, with plans, in this book, such as the shell molding process. The book covers a huge number of metalworking methods with lots of plans sprinkled throughout the book, to demonstrate these methods. I will be sharing many more articles from this volume in future posts.

So back to our small casting kit business. You can produce a lot of accurate interchangeable castings using durable match plates in a non-ferrous operation. For iron and a small cupola it would be folly to try without a couple of staff to help out.