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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Novice Machinist 6 - Bending Jig

This project is also from "Machine Shop Projects". This project is a versatile bending jig. It looks like a great little plan for bending flat stock up to 3/4" wide, into hooks, circles and scroll work. A must for the smith that does decorative metalwork such as gates or railings.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How To Make A Metal-Bending Machine # 10

So from Intermediate Technology Publications comes another of their Workshop Equipment titles. This one "How To Make A Metal-Bending Machine # 10" is the last of the paper copies I have. Like the other two, it cleaned up nice and is complete.

The first half of the manual shows you how to build the bender. The second half of the manual shows you how to build a steel wheel for a agricultural cart. Now your probably thinking "What is wrong with this "Bozo"? What am I going to do with an ox cart?" ha, ha, lol .

But of course you can bend up countless other shapes, for many different projects, with this bender.

To download this manual go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 66 - 3 MB - pdf 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Heavy-Duty Welded Metal Bender

So does a bear EVER shit in the woods? "NEVER" lol. Had one leave a package in the middle of my turn around area, sometime last night. Looks like  he had a late supper on my long grass, sat down in one of my patio chairs and had a relaxing smoke before doing his business and leaving. There was an extra butt in the ashtray on the table, lol.

So its a gloomy stormy day out there today decided to make it a day of rest. Dug up an old file that might be of interest here. This is a plan for a heavy duty metal bender of welded construction. I found this file somewhere on the web years ago, it was originally published in "Science And Mechanics" back in August 1957.

This is a versatile idea capable of some heavy work. If you have the means to weld you can build this.

Click to expand click again for best view.

Notice: I did an edit on this article shortly after posting to get the pages in the correct order.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Holtzapffel Type Bender Plan

So there are many different types of metal benders. The Holtzapffel type is one of the older and some would argue, the most versatile type. There used to be many plans available on the web but I see less all the time, at least for free anyway. I was happy to file away all these plans when they were available and my only desire is to put them back into the sharing loop. Many sites no longer exist and this is a way of keeping parts of them alive. If I can stick to the gray areas of the copyrighted stuff I might even avoid getting my hands slapped ha ha.

This plan made its rounds a decade ago and was repackaged a couple of times at least, I haven't built the bender but have looked at the plan, a number of times and all the numbers seem to jive. All the parts and dies are included in this 38 page file.

To download the file click Holtzapffel Type Metal Bender. 3 MB - pdf