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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Metalworking Project Books

The sun peeked out a few times today but the thunder storms keep rolling through, wettest start to summer I have seen in a long time. Hopefully get back at my outdoor projects tomorrow.

My woodworking and metalworking book collection is far to large to try to whittle down a small enough selection to upload here, I'll try to touch on these as/if they come up in projects. I figured a selection of metalworking project books would be of interest here.

I'll start off with some welding projects, The James F. Lincoln Foundation has published a series of volumes of welding projects submitted to the foundation, they cover shop tools and equipment, trailers, home and recreational, and agricultural equipment. There are some nice projects in these volumes. With modern advances in welding technology weldments are being used for many projects where only cast iron would do before. "Design of Weldments" also published by the Lincoln Foundation covers the subject very well. These and many more are all available on the Lincoln Welding site, The books are reasonably priced but lately shipping to Canada has become prohibitive, I don't know if they have the same policy for the US.

The huge book "Metalworking" by Tom Lipton is my latest purchase. I like it, lots of tips, tricks and helpful info. for the metalworking enthusiast. Published by Industrial Press Inc.

Projects One and Two are the first two books in a set of eight published by The Home Shop Machinist Magazine Inc, lots of great projects. They also publish the many "Shop Wisdom by....." books. They are expensive but your also paying for a very nice binding.

Below, I have mentioned "The Giant Book Of Metalworking Projects" before on other sites, You will find lots of good info. on many aspects of metalworking, casting, machining, sheet metal etc.all applied to some very nice project plans. Published by Tab Books Inc.

Percy Blandford has written some stinkers for Tab Books Inc. (In my opinion), so it was a surprise when I found this "24 Metalworking Projects". You will find a hand full of very useful projects for the workshop in this volume.

"Metalworking in The Home Shop" is much like "The Giant book of Metalworking Projects" above but more recent lots of info. and plans for the hobbyist. Its a Popular Science book published byVan Nostrand Reinhold Co.

Is "The Potter's Alternative" about making pottery? Yes and no. Part 1 covers the machines used in processing and producing the materials and pottery, that free potters from supply companies. Part II teaches the reader the"how to" of tool and machine making, without a lathe or machine shop. He explores many alternative methods of working metal, such as trepanning to produce some very sophisticated machines. The 436 page hardcover book is expensive but worth it. Published by Chilton Book Company in 1987. A documentary film was made in 1986 demonstrating the alternative technologies and ideas in this book.

Below, some very nice project books. The Tubal Cain book has lots of nice tooling and accessories for the hobby machinist. The lathe design is the best no castings design I have seen. To make large aluminum castings, I would like to build Steve Chastain's tilting furnace, would like to try metal spinning too, one day.

And lastly we are back to D. Gingery and his son Vince. Dave wrote the first two. The last two were Vince's foray into dads legacy, both plans are well designed, well built and clearly documented and illustrated, very nice. As mentioned before Lindsay Publications carried and published all of these and many other books but he is no longer in business. The Gingery books are all still available at

I don't know what has happened at the border but shipping to Canada has become very prohibitive. The cost of shipping more often than not being higher than the value of the order. It wasn't always like this, I used to keep Lindsay in business LOL, not any more.