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Monday, October 29, 2018

Another Mini Speed Boat

So remember the 50 mph thrills on a mini-speed boat post? Here as another one that is even easier to build mainly because of the outboard motor for the power unit.

You have always wanted a Sea-Do or other sport boat but $15,000 is just to steep. What ever you can do on one of them, you can do on this little guy. A modern 10 hp outboard is small enough and powerful enough to give you big thrills on this mini, and your fuel consumption won't break the bank.

You will recall, I mentioned seeing this plan in Popular Mechanics, it was also published in "Junior Mechanics Handbook" published by ARCO Publishing in 1964. This plan scan is from that book.

With winter coming on, why am I posting these now? Because if you want to enjoy warm summer fun on the water, you have to build your creations in the cold snowy winter, lol.

If your like me, you like to combine the best features of multiple plans, to make your own creation.

Here is the link to the Hydro-Cart post.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

50-MPH Thrills On A Hydro-Kart

A long time popular magazine, that unfortunately did not survive, "Science And Mechanics" magazine, first started out in 1929 as " Everyday Mechanics". Over the years it changed it's name a couple of times and changed ownership even more times. In 1984 it published its last issue. Thats unfortunate, it had a close resemblance to the PM and PS mags., covering the developments in science and technology of the day, but there was an even greater concentration on workshop projects and improvements, home renovation, and many different hobbies and crafts. I have only 5 magazines, they are rare in the used market, you can find them on amazon, e-bay, and abe books, but the price when you include shipping, makes the few you can get expensive. Like PM and PS they published many books, aggregating many projects, tips, and jigs from the magazines. I have found two of those, and one in particular, is full of good tips and workshop ideas, that I will post from, in the next few posts.

So for those 50-mph thrills. This Hydro-Kart project was very popular in the early 60"s. I say that because both Popular Science and Popular Mechanics published similar plans around that time. I think something like this could still be a pretty neat project. Certainly your parts sourcing will be different, but if anything, you will have a greater selection in todays market. Smaller engines and more HP for instance, could eliminate the second engine. If I remember correctly the PM plan used a small outboard, a similar size today, probably puts out twice the HP.

So from the 1962 "Science And Mechanics" magazine is a plan for a 50-mph mini-speed boat.