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Monday, January 21, 2019

Two Model IC Engines

So here are a couple of advanced projects for the hobby machine shop. So some of the most popular activity for the smaller equipment, hobby machine shop, is model engine building. I have a large collection of plan files for steam, hot air, and internal combustion, IC engines.

I have posted many small tool plans from the book "Metal Projects" Book 3 by John R. Walker before, here are plans for a small two stroke engine and a more advanced 4 cycle engine. The two stroke can be machined from the solid or you can try casting the crankcase block.

When it comes to hobby machine shops, producing small working engines like this, is pure adrenaline.

To download this 13 page file click Two Model IC Engines. 2.1 MB - pdf.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Model Engineers Workshop # 251

So I would like to make Sundays for woodworking projects, I will try to get up three projects later today, check back later.

For this post however, I have had more time lately to browse the internet, than I have had since I started this blog a year and a half ago, and I have fallen behind on some of my downloading, ha, ha. My collection of "Model Engineers Workshop" magazines go from #1 to # 238-February 2016. Browsing the Internet Archive yesterday, I came across March 2017-# 251. It was not identified by its name in the "Magazine Rack" collection, which is why I hadn't found it before.

"Model Engineers Workshop" is heroin to the hobby machine shop machinist. Lots of projects in every issue. If your a model engineer hobbyist your probably aware of it. If your starting out and haven't discovered it yet, be warned you may acquire a new addiction, ha, ha.

Here is the link to the download Model Engineers Workshop # 251- March 2017 enjoy.