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Monday, March 19, 2018

Canadian Machinery

So I spent the morning rediscovering my collection of Canadian Machinery magazine from early in the last century. I quickly found out why I have not touched them for the last ten years. They are addictive, once you get started it's hard to stop. I have over 2.2 gigs worth, from vol. 4 to vol. 25-21 so getting through the collection involves months not days.

Canadian Machinery paralleled American Machinist early in the last century and contained similar subject matter with a Canadian twist. The companies profiled, new machine designs and manufactures and the workshop and foundry articles where all from a Canadian view point. The shear number of new machinery displayed in each issue is astounding. Some very nice hunks of iron were being produced back then. The art of sand casting was in its hay day and what better way to display it than in the machinery being produced.

Recall the lathe gear milling attachment in the post Workshop Eye Candy, well here is his much older and larger brother. This much larger attachment does the same and more and is vertically adjustable to produce a greater variety of sizes depending on the swing of your lathe.

A fine example of a 16" engine lathe in 1908.

The chain drive never caught on, but what these guys did with a monster hunk of iron is nothing short of beautiful.

Boy heres one I would love to have, a very nicely proportioned mid size shaper.

And here is my new set of bench rolls, lol.

There are lots of good articles in every issue covering machining procedures tips and tricks, casting and foundry work, pattern making and molding methods and many other industrial processes. Interesting articles such as running engines on wood producer gas and on and on. I'm sure I will be uploading much more from these fine old magazines.

Here is an article on molding machine practice that accompanied a picture and write up on a new molding machine.Click twice depending on your monitor size for best view.