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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Morning Chuckle

So listening to "Under The Influence" this morning, a CBC radio show on the advertising industry. The host told a story about Ed a fellow who called a radio self help therapist for advise. Ed told the therapist " My wife and I are newly married, my wife likes to sleep in the buff, in the morning she gets up and goes and cooks breakfast still in the buff. What advice do you have?"

The therapist replied "Tell her to wear an apron when frying bacon". LOL I thought it was funny.

Anyway I finally started cutting my lawn. Below is a picture of one of the old blades I changed out on the mower. I have been using discharge blades but I find the discharge wing usually wears off after two or three cuts because of the patches of exposed sand still on my landscape. So when Sears announced they were closing down in Canada, I put in a order for four sets of mulching blades. Without the discharge wing hopefully they will last longer.