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Monday, July 2, 2018

New Books On My Shelf

So as mentioned my little used book road trip search, turned up a handful of interesting titles, still not on my shelves. I found many good ones of interest to woodworkers and metalworkers, but though tempted, I raised the memory that I already had them, ha, ha.

So here are a few pictures of what I found. First is three titles from Intermediate Technology's "Workshop Equipment" series. Their are 10 in the series, I have most of them on disc but the quality is poor. I have only found one other paper copy in the past, so finding these three was a thrill.

Here I have an older 1988 American Woodworker, and a newer FW Tools And Shops annual. In the middle are two classics. the first "Measuring And Marking Metals" from the "Workshop Practice Series" joins the few other paper titles I have from the series. I have the whole series on disc but some are very poor quality. The second "How To Run A Lathe" by South Bend Lathe is a classic, I have many older editions in paper and on disc but not this newest edition. Lindsey Pub. had them in his catalog, back in the 80,s but my order went in to late and he had sold out. It was nice to find this mint condition copy. On the right is a Craftsman publication on the table saw. Craftsman published a complete series on shop machines in spiral bindings and tough double vinyl covers. This completes my collection in this series.

Projects galore. I have some of the nice hardcover titles in these two series. These 7 nice volumes come close to completing my collections.

And finally here is a nice set of project books from the easy to build "Kid's Furniture" to the professional instruction and advanced projects in "Woodworking School". On the right is a nice collection of "Wood" and "Popular Woodworking" magazines from the late 1990's.

Looks like I am going to be scrounging for shelf space again. Maybe my next winter woodworking project will be a combined entertainment center and bookshelf for the living room. Famous last words, ha ha.