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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Few More Nostalgia Pictures

So I don't seem to have scared too many off, so I finished off scanning my older pictures and picked out a few more to upload. Still an early cold out there, those geese new something we didn't, their's snow in the forecast.

The first picture is one more of the house I built in the Ottawa area, don't know yet if one of those tornadoes got it, it was close to the area that the big one touched down at. This picture after the roofing went on and the doors and windows installed.

In 1995 I was operating the power house at Belleville General Hospital when they decided to decommission the back-up power, diesel generator. The chief told me I could keep what I wanted from the galvanized tubing distribution, if I dismantled it, ha ha, he new me well. I had just traded in my old Ford on a new version and I needed a canoe rack for it. I didn't have a shop at the time, and he didn't figure out I had built it on night shift, until he complimented me on the nice new canoe rack, ha ha, we both had a good laugh about it. 

On a camping trip north with my youngest we stopped for some eats in New Liskeard and got a picture at the road side attraction.

We put in a good day of paddling trying out the canoe at White Lake Provincial Park. As you can tell from the look on the big guy's face he wasn't to crazy about the two slimy pike we snagged.

When packing up camp, I caught a movement in the woods and grabbed the camera. If you look close you can see a deer watching us.

Monday, September 24, 2018


You probably don't come here for this kind of nostalgia but bear with me. Its cold and wet outside so I took another day off. Posting the old picture of the flawed cradle yesterday got me looking through some of the old pictures I had. The older ones are becoming faded, not that they were of good quality to begin with. I decided to scan and save them before their quality deteriorates even worse.

I selected a few, recording some of my early projects, to upload. Some of the pictures include my children when they were young, they are all adults now, and I control the feed back, so I feel safer doing so.

The first 6 pictures are from 36 - 40 years ago and the last 3 from 29 years ago. Oh, to be that young again, lol. The first one is just self serving, ha, ha, actually it's my middle child's contagious looking laughter, that makes this one stand out.

Before going back to college for the Stationary Engineer program, I worked as a heavy equipment operator in a open pit iron ore mine. Equipment included haul trucks, graders, and bulldozers, but the most interesting was the 1000 hrs. I put in towards a hoisting ticket, operating one of these, a Buckyrus  Erie 150 electric shovel. 5 scoops to fill a 115 ton CAT haul truck.

When the company sold the trailer park off to it's employees, I took on my first large personal project and added a large addition, including the 0 clearance, heat circulating, corner fireplace, you see here. You can also see some of the first furniture projects I built, (now that I could afford my own tools, ha ha) in the coffee table and end table. When we moved, and I went back to college, the first bid met my asking price, I should have asked for more, ha ha. Wish these pictures had held up better.

Here is a closer picture of the corner of the coffee table. I had managed to get my hands on some nice mahogany, but the finish came out darker than I had planned, I learned to love it. The fortune teller you see, is just getting ready to go out for tricks or treats.

This is a doll house I built for the fortune teller, complete with laminated circular staircase.

So this is a big house I built in the Ottawa area.

The trusses for the garage/workshop were to heavy, so I got a crane to come lift them. Thats me up in the trusses, to fix them in place.

Like wise, the roof was more shingles than I wanted to tackle, so this is the contractor getting ready to do the job. Thats the contractor and myself leaning on my Ford (3 Ford's ago ha, ha).

So this house was supposed to pay for the kids education, and the big shop, to keep me happy into retirement, but as they say "Best laid plans ......". Anyway I live in a healthier environment now, and my shop is twice as big.