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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Miniature All In One

So US Patent No. 6,068,543 is a Miniature All-Purpose Tool. All purpose it certainly can be, I have seen similar ideas in PM and PS mags in the past, but none incorporate so many functions. This is the perfect tool for the very small or apartment shop, and could be the only tool required for the model maker or other small craft hobby.

I don't believe it ever went to production, the patent date is May 2000, but there are lots of good ideas here. I can quickly see where it would benefit from a better xy table and I am sure there are many improvements and additions that can be made to the basic idea.

I found this interesting the minute I saw it, and am uploading the 32 page file here in the hope others may find this interesting as well and maybe even improve on the concept.

To download the file click Miniature All-Purpose Tool. 567 KB - pdf

Monday, March 26, 2018

3 Hammer Builds, 1 Plan Set, and 2 Patents

So spent the afternoon clearing the lane way before it turns to 4" of ice. We peaked on our snow fall and we got about a foot less than we normally get, but it was colder than probably the last 10 years. I am almost out of this years allotment of firewood. April usually has at least one good snowfall. One of my summer projects will have to be the second complete rebuild of my snowblower. After 17 winters of snow clearing it deserves what ever attention it gets, lol.

So I opened the door to power hammers last post, and I have amassed many files in my research over the years, so I will share a few more here.

First is a file I put together mostly from info. on the Iforgeiron site. There are 3 builds in this file and a couple small articles. First a similar version of "Rusty" then a well documented Helve hammer and the last an interesting Oliver anvil hammer.

To download the file click Blacksmith Plans And Projects - Power Hammers. 2.4 MB - pdf

This guy will never be called Rusty, few bearings used but the bushings are all oozing grease. 

Very nice Helve hammer, used for working sheet materials.

Oliver The Hammer, very interesting, with a little practice, two hammers one smith is possible, lol.

I mentioned in the last post that I had lots of plan sets from the net. on file, I guess if I said it, I better back it up. "Krusty" is not connected to Jerry Allens 3 creations (Rusty, Dusty, and Super-Rusty). It is a larger nock-off, from what looks like Germany or Eastern Europe. It was originally for sale but it has been widely available on the net for many years. This is a 17 page plan set.

To download the plan set click Krusty Power Hammer. 1.6 MB - pdf

So in my research I looked at a large number of power hammer patents on the US patent site here are a couple of patents some may find interesting.

The first is a portable power hammer, click Patent: Potable Power Hammer to download. 290 KB - pdf

To download the second patent file click Power Hammer 3. 132 KB - pdf

I find patent files an interesting source of ideas. I am not looking to copy a patent but rather to see how different ideas are used to solve the problem at hand.