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Monday, November 19, 2018

Double Service Bench/Picnic Table

So continuing on with projects I hope to tackle in the coming year. Since I finished the trails and landscaping of the property I have been looking to make a few picnic tables and 3 or 4 benches to spread around interesting little corners of the property.

Looking through the "Arc Welding Projects" Vol. III book the other day I was reminded of the nice double duty picnic table there. It looks good as a picnic table, and pull a couple of pins, and it is a large solid bench. Two sets of these would just about do it, for my quiet areas. They look quite tough and long lasting. Tough enough to handle a couple of bears on a blueberry picnic, ha, ha.

So it's official, November this year, is colder than most -18 C this morning. So talking about cold, I think I have made my last post on a forum, they are on the way out, but I am amazed they have survived this long. The "flat earthers" are starting to outnumber the project posters and instead of actually sharing projects, you end up arguing with people who don't really believe the earth is flat, but get more enjoyment from arguing that it is.

My solution for flat earthers is load them all on a tramp steamer. Load the hold with baked beans. They can all eat beans to feed the engines with methane from the tubes connected to their ass. They can set sail and not be allowed to dock again until they either find the edge or decide it makes more sense to get real. LOL.

Edit: It seems at least one person is confused by the term "flat earther" Believe it or not a flat earther still believes the earth is flat. I am using the term here as a metaphor for subject matter that is to stupid to be worthy of discussion, doesn't mean you can't have an opinion, just don't expect discussion by reasonable people.

Maybe these guys are just looking for a free ride into space to prove them wrong. LOL.