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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1975-82

So as mentioned a few times before pickings are getting slim. The magazine contents are changing at this point. Build articles are short, the longer ones focusing on furniture and home renovation projects. Advertising is the majority of the content and projects and articles are broken up and tucked in between. Resolution is also poor quality. So this will be the last installment and includes a few projects up to 1982. There are lots of very nice furniture projects for the woodworker from 82 to the present. These can all be accessed in their yearbooks which are quite common in the used book market. Here's a picture of my collection. I may upload some of the more outstanding projects from these in the future.

In this installment  the woodworker will find a couple of projects, a nice china cabinet and a drop leaf table. there are a number of short projects for the metal lathe a power hack saw and a disc and drum sander, the resolutions aren't great, for that reason there were a few good projects that I didn't include, like a great looking cider press. I have it in one of the year books so I'll upload it at a later date.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1975-82 to download 3.4 MB pdf.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1973-74

As mentioned in the previous highlights pickings are getting slim so I have included 2 years 73 and 74 in this highlights. In the short projects category we have a drill press fence, drill press "dead-man" switch, drill press table elevator, midpoint punch, bandsaw rip fence, a die threading attachment, and a lathe fly cutter head.

There is an article on drilling angled holes accurately and another on making rotary cutters.

For more involved projects there is a handy stand for a pad sander, a very nice shop-built trammel plan, a nice 12" bandsaw, it has very close construction details to my 12" saw. Mine is curvier and beefier but the methods and materials were close to the same. Finally for the woodworker there is a very nice pine trestle table and benches for the kitchen nook.

To download click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1973-74. 3 MB - pdf

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Two Oil Drum Forges And A Gemstone Faceting Machine

Well the cold snap is breaking which means I'll have to do some work around here starting with clearing some snow, it never ends, lol. So I'll get a couple more projects up here before I take a break from the computer.

These two are from my project binders as well. The first plan was 40 pages in my binder, so I checked my Forge And Foundry file and sure enough I had it in pdf.. "Oil Drum Forges" is an Intermediate Technology publication. This plan is actually two plans, the first a foot operated bellows forge, the second a pedal operated centrifugal fan forge. Both are ideal for the hobbyist who only does occasional forging in small items such as knives and various metal hardware. You can put it on mobile casters and wheel it out of the garage workshop for use, No need for an extension cord, propane gas system or coal. A bag of hardwood charcoal will do for the occasional forging session. If you can get more advanced fuel such as coal, its an easy upgrade to add a small motor and damper to the fan forge for heavier work. No special materials or tools to build, well within the reach of the home hobbyist.

Click Oil Drum Forges to download. 2 MB - pdf

Make Your Own Gemstone Faceting Machine is the second plan today. This is a Popular Mechanics plan and should have been included in the 1971 shop notes highlights but I couldn't find the last page, so I didn't include it. Looking through a project binder today I found the complete plan in paper so here it is. This is a nice little machine, commercial high end units go for a pretty buck.

If you have a small lathe and rock hound blood in your veins, a set of tumbling drums and this faceting machine will be satisfying projects for your hobby. Semi precious stones like amethyst are common (the Thunder Bay area has a number of mines open to the public) and you don't have to be working with diamond's or rubies to produce some beautiful work.

Click on the images to expand.

Hope someone finds some of these projects useful or at least interesting.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1972

So pickings were pretty slim this week, lots of dated furniture plans and tool articles that are closer to advertisements. The content is still consistent with lots of short shop tips and tricks, a bit for drilling glass,modifying bolts in the lathe, machining aluminum, radial saw hold down for ripping thin material and a small sheet metal brake made out of wood.

There is a plan for a 1/2 HP 1/2" wood shaper and a nice looking hand operated arbor press. A article on wood joinery and another article on bench saw know-how with some neat tricks for your table saw.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1972 to download. 2 MB - pdf

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1971

The last two weeks have put a good dent in my woodpile, IT'S COLD!! and apparently its headed south. Don't blame Canada, apparently the Russians blew it over, ha ha.

So another shop notes highlights, in this issue you will find lots of lathe based projects and a number of other small single page projects. There is a die holder for threading in the lathe, a carriage limit switch, a lathe indexing attachment, a lathe center indicator, a ball turning attachment and an article on turning plastics in the lathe.

For the woodworker there is a very nice small cabinet workbench for the small shop, a very solid looking tenoning attachment, and an early American gossip bench that would make a beautiful little piece of furniture for a childes room.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1971 to download. 3 MB - pdf

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1970

In this weeks installment of the shop notes highlights we start of with a great woodworking project, a very nice gun cabinet. A second great woodworking project is an early American bedroom set, including a turned post bed, night stand, dresser and mirror, and a chest on chest, chest of drawers. Many many years ago I built a version of the bed and night stand.

For the metalworker we start off with a great plan for a metal spiral staircase. The plan incorporates welding and metal scroll work. For access to a second level, when space is limited, this is a beautiful solution. Many years ago I built a similar laminated wood version, in a doll house I built for my daughter, one Christmas. I would love to build a telescope observatory on my garage roof, this plan would make for the perfect access. Unfortunately my moniker applies, "if time is money, then I need a loan".

For something different you can make and learn to use a angle post for your metal lathe, make some handy shop tools, a plan for a split ring lathe dog, a tapping "gidget" for threading, a plan for a small work, faceplate lathe, from odds and ends. If your flex shaft is underpowered try this versatile plan that uses a circular saw as a power source. We finish of with a nice article labeled "12 Great Metal Lathe Tricks"

There is a plan for a wood planer, which is a very interesting and involved build. It uses two motors for head power and feed power. The feed motor has a long speed reduction train which is interesting but inefficient. Modern planers pull feed power from the outboard end of the planer head and through a straight or two speed reduction gear box, eliminating the second motor. For the DIY'er this can be done with pulleys and belts as well, with less efficiency and the possibility of belt slippage, for heavy feeds. More expensive, but chains and sprockets on the last reduction steps would eliminate slippage.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1970 to download. 3 - MB - pdf

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1969

Another week slipped by and Xmas on the doorstep. Nothing more comfortable than a hot cup of coffee and a warm fire in the wood stove on a sunny, crisp, -28*C winter morning with everything draped in white.

So this weeks PM shop notes starts of with a solid looking power tool stand. For the woodworker there is also a nice colonial cabinet top desk.

For metalworking projects there is a article on milling in the drill press with plans for fixtures to get around some of the problems in such activity. A nice article on turning rings in the lathe, a piggy back speed reducer, a hefty tool post for large bits, a nice little fixture for setting boring bars. If you have wanted to try back cutting on the lathe, there is a plan for a back cutting, tool holding fixture, an article on planing in the lathe, a nice small 5 ton shop press. There is a plan for building a power hacksaw from a washing machine gear box, (I have had a similar gear box in storage for many years, now that I have a couple of metal band saws, I will have to figure out another use for it. ha ha )

This installment finishes off with a nice article on hardening, annealing, and tempering steel in the shop.

Click on Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1969 to download. 3.2 MB - pdf

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1968

Got the shop notes file done early this week, so we will get it up tonight.This weeks file starts off with a plan for a shop indicator that measures to 1/1000 inch. There is a double stroke bandsaw blade sharpening jig, a plan for a nice utility trailer for a garden tractor (I need a version of this one), a triple screen for the rock hound or general use around the yard. For safe work around the house there is a nice plan for a mobile scaffold.

There is an article on the ins and outs of knurling in the shop, another on sharpening irons and chisels, info on making and using boring bars, and a torch attachment for better cutting control. Theres a plan for a 2-way machine-vise clamp and we finish of with a nice article on filing in the lathe.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1968 to download. 3 MB - pdf 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1967

In this installment of shop notes highlights we start off with a plan for a nice heavy duty looking abrasive cutoff machine. Next a lathe flex shaft adapter followed by a nice article with 4 projects on working with mild steel pipe. There is a nice precision grinding jig and a nice plan for an inclinometer for measuring angles.

For the woodworker there is a great plan for a butterfly trestle table and a neat tiltable router jig that produces some interesting work.

Finally a long 3 part article on " How to Get Started With Metal Turning" containing all the basics to begin enjoying metal turning on a small lathe.

To download click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1967. 3 MB - pdf

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1966

Another week has melted away. Is time speeding up or is it just my age? Ha ha. The Popular Mechanics magazine in 1966 is starting to change, there are less plans for DIY shop machines. Advertisements for all the new shop machines and tools being built are taking up more and more magazine space. There are more woodworking projects to build with all those new tools and electronics projects ( which are obsolete today, with the advent of digital tech.) are much more popular. There are some very interesting projects like a table top printing press. but it too has become obsolete with the advent of computer printing.

I did manage to come up with 34 pages of projects that may still garner some interest. The first is a nice little sheet metal former (slip roll), it requires some machining, but if you incorporate some of Vincent Gingery's methods in his slip roll build, you may be able to get away without it (message me for more info). There is a plan for a nibbler attachment for your jig saw. For the wood turner a beautiful antique reproduction of a vertical spinning wheel, a very useful shrink plate for the shop and a self reading O.D. shop gauge. There is a double duty sander setup for your drill press., a plan for chip shields for milling machines, and a versatile lathe brake that can be operated from 3 positions.

Xmas is coming and for the artist in your life, there is a plan that will make any artist very happy. I have seen many plans for easels but this "Ultimate Easel" tops the list.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1966 to download. 2.4 MB - pdf 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Odds And Ends - 2

So I spent most of yesterday cleaning up the driveway and packing down the lane-way. In true form, just as I finished it started with freezing rain, by nightfall it had turned to wet snow. I was woke up this morning by a couple of power bumps, looked outside, everything was covered with a couple of inches of frozen snow and ice, no doubt the cause of the power bumps. Lots of small trees and vegetation bent over ready to crack. There will be lots of clean-up this spring, I could here trees snapping in the woods.

Got in the occasional hr. on the Startrite saw head clean up. Got the head all scraped down and started with the wire brushes. I will leave the snow clean-up till tomorrow (another storm is due to blow in tomorrow night, ha ha) and see if I can get the saw head ready for paint today.

So enough about the weather, here is a nice little file of just PM model engines, that the modeler may find interesting. There are 6 engine plans, 4 have been previously uploaded in the shop notes files and 2 new ones. The first, a Tesla turbine, never achieved it's inventors claims, (the navy is still running bladed turbines, as is industry, though not from lack of trying.) but it remains an interesting modelers project. The second, a walking beam engine, that will take you back to the early days of steam power.

To download the file click PM Model Engine Plans. 2.3 MB - pdf

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1965

The worst part of global weather changes up here is the transition from fall to winter conditions. It used to happen relatively quickly, nowadays it lingers for a couple of months. When I worked in the south that is what I hated the most about the weather, now its followed me up here. lol. The problem is the constant and quick changes from rain to freezing rain, sleet and snow that can happen. 6" of wet snow that suddenly freezes into crusty snow and ice is a pain in the rear to clean up, right after you clean it up, it warms up and melts, so you can do it all over again. lol.

Anyway here is this weeks PM shop notes. At this point PM is not calling them "Shop Notes" anymore, that ended back in 1962.

This weeks distillation starts off with an easy "nutcracker" style knurler, followed by a grinding set-up for gemstones. This is followed by a kit based model makers lathe. You can't get the castings kit anymore, but the small simple castings are easy inspiration for the small home caster.

There are plans for two interesting model engines, an elbow and a solonoid engine. For someone in need of small amounts of low press. compressed air, there is an interesting little saber saw compressor and many plans for small jigs and fixtures, like a band saw brazing fixture and a filling roller guide.

For the woodworker there are router jigs for easy dovetailing, and a plan for making your own hand screw clamps.

There is a large article on binding your own damaged books. A bit of a lost art, but very useful, if like me, you collect old books. I have paid an old timer, set up in Madoc Ont., for rebinding many of my older books.

And lastly there is a plan for building a nice easy 2" X 48" belt sander/grinder.

Please click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1965 to download. 4.4 MB - pdf

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1964

In the 1964 shop notes highlights find first a nice plan for a drill powered belt and disk sander. Next a plan for a lathe router attachment that will do fluting in the lathe and nice smooth repeatable turning. To compliment the earlier wood clock upload, there is a nice plan for a all wood early Swiss clock. There are some nice jig plans, one a great disk sanding jig and another a hand drill drilling jig.

For the metalworker there is a unique spot welding gun that uses the arc process. A nice plan for a dual burner melting furnace that will melt 10 lbs of metal up to 2000*F. There is a plan for a lathe tail stock spindle adapter and another unique plan for a roller action sheet metal brake. The brake plan comes with a nice article on its use and there is a nice long article on heat treating in the home shop.

Lots of short article jigs and tricks.

To download click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1964. 3.5 MB pdf

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1963

In this weeks Shop Notes highlights is a nice little collection of projects. For the model enthusiast, the first project is a nice little live steam engine and torch fired boiler, easy construction and avoids the more involved machining operations.

Next is a great lathe measuring gauge project. This is one project I will have to build if I ever get my South Bend rebuilt. Turning to finished size would be so much easier with this great accessory.

The next project is a compound rest for wood lathes. These accessories are very useful if you only turn metal on occasion and can't justify investing in a metal turning lathe. When I got my Delta/Rockwell lathe, a compound rest was included in the auction, I have used it for a number of small jobs including turning the worn commutator on my Massey Ferguson tractor starter.

For cutting accurate parts like wood gears, the next project is a nice precision indexer for your jigsaw, (even better on your bandsaw), nice.

There is a nice early concept plan for a table saw sled, from R.J. DeCristofore, versatile, does many operations.

If you liked the earlier tumbler project, here is another one. This one, a quart-size 4-gang tumbler for polishing small parts and gem stones.

For articles you will find another nice article on doing small home sand casting. Enjoy, should be something here for everyone.

Heres the link to download Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1963. 3.4 MB pdf.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1962

A little late with this weeks Shop Notes, got into Dan Brown's "Origin" and couldn't put it down. The villain was quickly clear to me, but the story goes deeper and explores some of the problems and solutions modern technology can present. Fast paced, kept me turning pages.

In this weeks Shop Notes Highlights find plans for a lathe taper attachment, a nice easy coil winder, a spot welder, shop built router guide, a selection of whittler's projects, a large auxiliary table for a bandsaw, and lots of nice projects and tips for the metal lathe.

There are also two nice articles, one on working with sheet metal and another on bending wood for the woodworker.

Heres the link to download Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1962. 3 MB - pdf 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1961

Boy 1961 already, how time flies. It would be a couple more years before I would discover the joys of these old Popular Mechanics mags.

In this weeks installment find plans for a drill press auxiliary table, a circle cutting jig, a tailstock turret head, a tool post grinder, an ellipsograph that you can connect to your jigsaw for cutting perfect ellipses, a third hand clamp. A great plan for a drum tumbling machine for polishing small parts and another great plan for a Boston rocker.There is an article on how to etch circuit boards when the tech. was still in its infancy and a page on green woodworking to which I attached Lee Valley Tools information sheet on  the use of PEG (Polyethylene Glycol).

To download this issue click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1961. 2 MB - pdf

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1960

In this weeks shop notes find a good number of projects for the metalworker and a few for the woodworker.

It starts off with an advanced article on the use of forming tools on the metal lathe. There are articles on dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints, and faceplate turning.

For plans find a radius turning tool, a tubing cut-off tool, a clamp fixture, step chucks, a router jig, a miter trimmer for small work, a lathe powered metal shear and two great and well detailed plans for a long arm buffer and a concrete mixer.

Also lots of jigs and tips to make work in the shop go more smoothly.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1960 to download. 3 MB - pdf

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1959

Another week of shop notes, this issue of distilled highlights starts of with a plan for a metal lathe made from stock parts, I have seen this one on many locations around the web. There is a nice lathe driven jig saw, a bench punch for punching sheet metal, and a small rod and bolt shear. I hesitated but decided to also include a clutch plan for small machine tools, probably more interesting than useful nowadays. There is an article on identifying metals by spark streams and another on woodwork joints. also find a number of smaller projects sprinkled throughout.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1959 to download. 3 MB - pdf

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1958

In this weeks PM highlights are some nice articles and projects for both woodworkers and hobby machinists. For the the woodworker there are two articles, one on cutting lap joints and another on mortise and tenon joinery, there is a nice plan for a sidewalk jeep for the youngster, and a mixed material small bending brake.

The home machinist will find articles on machining pipe and fittings, and cutting contours on a shop metal shaper. There are plans for a box tool for lathe work, boring chuck for the lathe and handy lathe accessories. In addition lots of tips and tricks for various shop work.

To download click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1958. 3 MB - pdf

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1957

So with the garage ventilated door, I have moved on to the door roll-up drum. This is a first for me and as mentioned before I have not seen similar commercial constructions, so it involves alot of planing and second guessing to try to get it right the first time. If I get the roll-up drum finished today, I will post some pictures later.

This weeks PMSN's highlights is directed at the hobby machinist, lots of tips and tricks to assist the home shop machinist. There are plans for a number accessories, a lathe powered filer, easy indexing head for gear cutting, small shop arbor press, automotive piston based indexing head, and a nice hand milling attachment.

For info. articles there is a nice article on machining metal tubing, one on burnishing metal and another on lathe turning tools, among others.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1957 to download, 3 MB pdf.