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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Porch Lattice and Door Installed

Well back at it. Finishing up odds and ends on the porch, made up some trim and installed, stained and added the lattice yesterday. Started on the half hight door, finished stained and installed today, operates perfectly. Its another frame and panel construction similar to the rolling door. We will see how much blowing snow we get this winter, if it turns out to much like work, I will build a top half to operate with or independent of the bottom half. Here are some pictures.

The two herons that visited earlier this summer have made my property part of there daily foraging area, spending 2 or 3 hours after sunrise here every day. Must be the carpets of grass hoppers we have this year.

So one more door to go. I am still kicking around ideas for the new garage/workshop front entry. I want good cross ventilation down to floor level so I don't get heavier than air fumes building up at floor level. A modified side rolling door would work but I don't have the side clearance. So I am playing with some roll-up door ideas.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Before And After

So I went with Rez redwood stain on the porch, I wanted to add some color between the dark browns of the trim and the light siding and this certainly does it. Busy day got the second coat on the soffit and couple coats on the porch.

Got in a fight with a couple yellow jacket hornets looking to move in under the eave, It was an unfair fight as I was on a ladder with a paint can in one hand and a brush in the other, they dipped and bobbed and circled me but I finally got lucky and painted their jackets red with a couple of swipes from my paint brush. Hopefully the rest of the gang doesn't show up for revenge, ha, ha.

I still have the floor and inside knee wall panels to do, Tomorrow if it don't rain. So heres the finished look.

And here are the before and after pictures.





So the essentials are done. There are lots of little things I still want to do, I'll post the occasional picture. A few are full blown projects which I'll try to document.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Porch Siding Installed

So I got the siding installed this afternoon. Turned out very well, the line-up to the house siding was bang on. I couldn't match the color of the J mold since the siding was all custom order back when I built the house, but I am happy with the slight contrast of this J mold.

The project is complete except for a coat of stain. Turned out very solid, a little overbuilt but I like overbuilt, all 4 X 4's would have been sufficient but the 6 X 6's for the main supports give the design a beefy look and long life. The eave extensions are a little larger than is normal for a structure this size but they keep the inside dryer, save for wind driven rain, and keep the foundation dryer. Here's some pictures.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project, even the sore muscles from the roofing,  had given it 3 weeks so I got a week to spare. I will post an up-date when I get the stain applied to the exposed wood.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ready For Siding And Stain

Got a late start today siding will have to wait till tomorrow. So I completed the sheathing inside and out with 3/8" exterior grade plywood. I installed a 2 X 6" treated railing all around. I have lots of double 4 vinyl siding  that I pulled off the garage/workshop when I added the firewood and materials storage shed, so I will be using that for the exterior siding below the railing. Above the railing and the interior I have a gallon of Rez redwood solid stain that should be a nice accent. If I decide to add screen panels and/or winter wind break panels later, then I will also add a screen/storm door for now it will remain open. Here are todays pictures.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rail Framing Complete

Well I wanted to complete the framing and sheathing today but the dark clouds rolled in and its drizzling out there now. I did get the framing complete and if the rain doesn't last maybe a little sheathing work later. When the finished railing goes on it will be 42" high which is just right for my height. Now that I have a good idea of the enclosed size (outside dimensions are 8' X 12') I find it a comfortable size lots of room for a barbecue and 2 or 3 nice rustic benches, my resin will be banned to the 8' X 12' patio where the weather wont effect it to much. Here's the framing pictures.

Framing Tip

Break time, thought I'd upload this tip before I forget. When making up stud walls the ends of the top and bottom plates often tend to split specially if your using spiral coated nails. A little tip I have been using for a long time is to drive the nails in at opposing angles so they cut across the grain. You will get less splitting and better holding power. I have disassembled frames in the past and cursed the holding power of the angled nails whereas nails driven straight in usually come apart with a couple swipes of the hammer.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fascia And Porch Ceiling Installed

Nice day for working outside sunny not to hot. I applied the fascia this morning and tied it in to the house fascia. Two different manufacturers so the ribbing doesn't exactly line up but looks ok.

I applied the porch ceiling in the afternoon. Used 3/8" exterior grade plywood, not the greatest finish but still better than OSB which doesn't hold up to well when exposed to the weather. A couple of coats of stain will improve the look greatly. Here are some pictures.

So I will start with the railing wall tomorrow, hopefully finish ready for stain Sunday.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Soffit Installed

Still nursing some sore muscles from yesterday, didn't work to hard today. Installed the soffit on the eaves and closed up the end roof slopes. I am not insulating the porch or closing it up, so no need for vented soffit, I went with 3/8" exterior grade plywood well supported on all edges. It will get painted or if it looks ok, a coat of redwood stain which I have lots of, later. The fascia boards will be brown aluminum to match and tie in to the house. Here are a few pictures.

So I will install the fascia tomorrow and sheath the interior roof. If all goes well I will build the closed in railing over the weekend. I considered an open railing with spindles but then I thought that I may want to install screen panels in the summer or plexiglass panels in winter to cut the wind, so closed below the railing will provide more future options.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Porch Roofing Complete

Well the weather was a roofers dream today, the sun didn't pop out even once but didn't get a drop of rain either, and there was a cool breeze blowing. Completed the roofing shingles. The shingles are Dakota 25 year with double adhesion strips. I managed a 5" overlap at the house joint, my house shingles are starting to curl on the windy edges and will need to be done in another 2 or 3 years, I'll give it a better overlap then. The eaves got a drip edge and roofing felt underlay. So the job went smoothly, the only casualty was a blister on one knee, some pads would have helped lol. Here are a couple of pictures.

It can rain now, most of the work left is under the roof.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Roof Framed and Decked

So went at it hard this morning and completed the roof framing. Went smoothly, my miter saw made quick work of the rafter angles. Installed the roof decking this afternoon, No skimping here, I went with 5/8" T&G exterior grade plywood. All was surprisingly square, Cut one sheet in half for the offset and the rest all fit tightly into place without any adjustments. Here are some pictures.

Got to run into town for some trim tomorrow, so I'll do the shingles Wednesday.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Shed Roof Support Beam

Getting to hot outside, time for a break. I wasn't going to document this build but there seems to be some interest, and I haven't been insulted for my construction methods (yet,lol), so I will continue with updates.

I have built many shed type roofs over the years. A strong outboard support beam is important when the roof is not supported by a stud wall on a continuous foundation. Long time ago I worked out a offset H beam ( offset to fit the slope of the roof) that supports the roof very well, with no sag or deformation. I have never had a problem with it, a little overbuilt but the only problem with overbuilt is taking it apart if you change your mind lol.

Here,s some pictures.

So on to the roof, try to get in a few more hrs. today. If I get some more work done tomorrow I'll post again tomorrow.

Porch To House Tie-In

Well I didn't get to much accomplished yesterday, storms started to roll through early. I did complete one of the more important details of this build, the porch to house tie in. The roof support posts need to be solidly tied to the house to prevent roof separation and give stable support. I wanted to do this with as little infringement on the house as possible. My solution was two 4 X 4 posts solidly attached at the foundation and at the top plate and truss level. When I built the place all foundation, wall studs and roof trusses were vertically lined up on 24" centers, the porch framing was also lined up to these centers, so it was easy to solidly attach at the foundation, the top wall plate and solidly to the roof trusses. Aside from cutting access at the soffit, there was minimal invasion on the house and there is 1.5" clearance the full length to allow siding work if ever necessary.

I didn't get a picture but I put up a temporary roof beam to determine slope and determine the position of the tie in. The slope will be a little less than 6/1 or 2' rise for 12' run the house is 12/4.

Turned out to be an easy, minimally invasive, solid tie.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Porch And Patio Build

Well my body needs a break from the heavier work of my porch and patio build so at the half way point I thought I would upload some pictures.

I had many patio stones from the walkway to the front door so rather than waste these, I decided on half open patio and half covered porch, this will allow me to barbecue in the open sunshine, in the rain and in the middle of a snow storm, LOL. On a more serious note my front entrance needs protection from the elements and I will be loosing my patio when I complete my next project, roofing over the breeze way between the house and garage/workshop.

The screen which is the sand morain I built on, stays very dry and will not allow water to pool even in the heaviest downpour. The treated wood edging I had on my walkway which was installed 16 years ago was still in excellent shape and got reused. To insure even dryer conditions around the treated wood I installed a 6" base of granular A crushed stone as an elevated base.

The 2 main 6 X 6 support posts for the roof on the porch were sunk 5' deep, frost goes 4 to 5 ft,. deep around here, In addition to press. treatment, I painted them with roofing tar below ground and concreted them in.

So here are some pictures. The first picture is the before picture as it was for the last 16 years.

My construction materials, a load of crushed stone in the background.

The new raised patio complete.

The two main roof support posts and base frame installed.

Floor frame and joists installed and 4 X 4 divider post in place. Ready for decking. The 6" crushed stone base insures good drainage and provides excellent additional support for the joists.

The patio and porch decking complete, ready to start the porch roof framing.

So this is where were at. I will get started with the roof framing after lunch when I have a little more shade to work in. I will post the finished pictures in another week or two.