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Sunday, September 16, 2018

"Animal Gliders"

What child could resist a nice long ride on a favorite animal glider? As I said in the previous post, here is a nice selection of plans for building nice animal gliders, that every child will enjoy.

As the designer of these gliders, David Wakefield found out few children can resist a long ride on one of these swings. Construction is not difficult, and Mr. Wakefield provides lots of information for a successful build and installation.

In addition to the titles of father or grandfather, projects like these will also make you a young child's favorite woodworker.

So it's Sunday, so looking forward to a couple good football games on the tube this afternoon.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Relaxing On The Porch Swing

Here is a nice project that can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys quite moments in the fresh air. There are many different projects around for porch swings. I loved this one when I first saw it in Rodale's "New Shelter" magazine back in 1982. I made a mental note when I saw it again reprinted in Popular Science's 1985 Yearbook, where this copy comes from.

Cedar or redwood would look very nice and be most suited for outdoor conditions and in keeping with the light elegant look. Avoid pine or spruce, to weak, fir or the hardwoods suggested would also be nice.  It would look great hanging on any style porch, or if you prefer, on the lawn hanging from the optional stand.