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Friday, December 14, 2018

My Portable Bandsaw

So as mentioned before here is my solution for a portable bandsaw. I didn't build anything here, ha, ha, it was solved with money, but I waited for the right deal.

For many years Canadian Tire had a nice, small, portable, 18V, metal bandsaw branded "Maximum", their top in house brand. The price was $200 for the saw, charger and one battery, ell cheapo (me, ha, ha), couldn't see spending that kind of money. So I waited. I walked into the store one day and the saw and all accessories were on for half price, and they were willing to haggle a little. Turns out with the onset of ion batteries the saw was being discontinued and they wanted to clear inventory.

So for a little more than the regular price of one saw unit, I got everything you see in the picture below, except for the power supply of course. I use the saw with the mounting base in the machine shop for doing small material cut offs. I got the base for $10. Half price pus a further discount for the damaged box that looked like it had been kicked around in the warehouse for years.

I got two extra batteries with the deal but it was clear they were not going to be available for replacement in the future. I have had alot of use out of these saws for 6 or 7 years now and the batteries are holding out well. I have broke two blades in that time, but that is to be expected with such small wheels.

As a backup for when batteries can no longer be replaced I purchased a adjustable power supply. This should handle all my older battery operated tools as they die. They will then become corded tools, rather than scraping them. The power supply will handle 0-33 amps adjustable from 10-18 volts which will cover all of my older cordless tools.

Speaking of dead batteries, when I pulled the materials for the drill press, I found a old dead battery, 12V, Ryobi drill, that I had taken apart, I saved the the chuck, drive and electrical. Lots of power in this little unit. It took two battery charges, but when I built this place, I used it to drill a 1 1/4" disc out of the side of a 8" well pipe. This might be a good idea for the power unit for the sensitive drill press.