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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Machines I Have Rebuilt Or Re-Purposed

Over the years I have slowly and inexpensively acquired some very close to dead machines, the Walker-Turner radial drill comes to mind, others not so bad. A number of my machines are still collecting rust waiting for a rebuild.

I got the Walker-Turner radial drill for scrap price, it had been collecting dust and rust for years in a corner of a former employers plant. It was a challenge to get it working again but it now runs great and the big T-slot table is great for large work.

Next is a variable speed Rockwell/Delta lathe. It was very rusty, 3 phase and the variable speed mechanism was broken. The repairs went great, It now runs a 1 hp single phase motor and the lathe runs like new.

As documented in the previous post a 15" Delta planer.

I rebuilt my big 20" General band saw last year. I got it at auction from a former employer, it had a badly conceived table extension welded on, a corner of the table was broken off and the frame was out of alignment. It all came together nicely and runs great. It still needs a paint match for a new paint job.

The next two pictures are a couple of re-purposed cheap Asian lathes, They vibrated too much and the motors didn't last. I turned one into a beefed up mini lathe, Runs great I use it all the time for short work.

I turned the second one into a face plate lathe, The whole machine rotates on the aluminum base plate for best access to the work piece, internal or external turning.

Many years ago a former employer upgraded there building management system from an outdated pneumatic system. Each building had it's own air receiver. I got 3 for the price of hauling them away. Since then I have used them to build 3 compressors for my shops.

The first is a small 3/4 hp unit for my outdoor equipment shed.

The second one is 1 1/2 hp and installed in my main heated workshop.

The third is a larger 3 hp unit, Puts out close to 14 cfpm and supplies my garage/workshop.

Now to the machines still waiting for my attention. First is this great metal lathe, a 10K South Bend. I have all the important parts needed for the rebuild and the ways are in great shape.

My most recent acquisition is this Startrite 8" metal bandsaw. I hope to get at this rebuild soon.

Buried in the dust of the next picture is a 8" Delta jointer. I got half done on the rebuild and got pulled away. One of these days I will get back to it.

And the last one (for now ☺) is a very old 20" General bandsaw that I picked up for scrap price, Its dismantled here but I have all the parts. The intention is to one day rebuild it as a modified geared down version for use as a vertical metal cutting saw.

So thats it I am pretty much caught up. I am in the middle of spring clean-up so my latest project, a large classic inspired workbench, is still waiting for its finishing coats of sealer. I will upload the build soon.