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Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Homebuilt Chainsaw Mill And Band Saw Blade Speed Information

So today, as they say, is a day of rest. Stiflingly hot and humid today lots of icy cold drinks have helped but that means no power tools or welding arcs, lol.

So fortunately I get to play on the computer. I will start off with a nice article on sawmill band wheel speed by Timothy Cook. Mr. Cook runs a sawmill supply and sharpening service and shares his lengthy experience answering questions on his web site. Here is his answer to correct sawmill band wheel speed, very informative.

With a 3.15" pulley on my motor, I will be running at 4230 fpm, which sounds good to me. 

The next article is a nice build document on a homebuilt chainsaw mill. I first saw this article on the site. It was published with permission from T J Brown's (the builder) site, I turned the article into a resized pdf. Their are some ideas here that influenced my build. This is unique in that it combines chainsaw mill and band saw mill ideas into a  unit that is not normally seen.

To download the 28 page article click Homebuilt Chainsaw Mill. Here are a few pictures. Money wise a good quality, large chainsaw will cost more than I paid for my 15 HP motor, but the simpler arch assembly might be more desirable for the woodworker who does only the occasional milling.