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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mother's Drum Sander And Sharpening Set-Up

So it seems I am correcting poor quality posts this weekend. Browsing one of my book shelves this evening, I came across a couple of gems from back in the 80's. Back then the editors of Mother Earth News magazine published a couple of great books, "The Home Hardware Handbook" and "The Rural Living Handbook". I was disappointed with the image quality of Mother's drum sander in this post  Thickness Sanders, so it was a nice surprise when I came across the article in "The Home Hardware Handbook".

Considering this plan came out before shop built equipment plans became so popular, this plan is well thought out. The hand crank feed rolls, keep you out of the firing line. Careful measuring and drilling of the table height adjustment links, will produce a accurate and easily adjusted drum sander.

Click image to expand, click again for best view.

So from the same volume comes this nice three stone sharpening set-up for your chisels, knives, and many other edged tools.