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Friday, September 21, 2018

Shop Motors

It's been one of those days, blow trees down, and shingles off, windy, ( I am on battery power right now, power went out half an hour ago) wet, and gloomy. So I spent part of the day exploring one of my bookcases, in addition to the Home Shop Machinist books that I posted from earlier, I came across  a Popular Science published book by David X. Manners, "The Complete Book Of Home Workshops" published in 1969. It is full of good ideas and lots of good basic shop information,

Chapters 36 and 37 deal with shop motors, belts, pulleys, and motor mounts. Chapter 36 "Motors" is a very good basic explanation of shop motors, different types, and their characteristics. It covers the basics of trouble shooting in clear understandable language without going so deep that the average hobbyist is left behind. I have argued in the past that manufacturers HP ratings on motor plates can't be trusted, they don't seem to take efficiency into consideration. Mr. Manners explains this better than I have in the past.

So here is chapter 36, I will upload chapter 37 tomorrow. There are a few other chapters worth uploading from this volume in the future.

Hope this wind dies down, could be a lot of trees down and damage tomorrow. These unpredictable weather conditions and fire of course are the reason I cut back the forest as far as I did, though fire can jump 8 acres like it was hop scotch.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Motors And Electrical Power

So, slow getting going today, figured a post would at least keep me active. " Step-By-Step Knifemaking" by David Boye has become a bit of a classic "must" for the novice pursuing the art of knifemaking. Everything is covered in this fine volume from setting up shop to etching designs into the steel. It may still be available as publisher remainders or in the used market. I had two a hardcover and a paperback. In a culling of my bookshelves to make more room, the paperback made it's way into the used market.

Below is a picture of the cover and an example of the many knife designs that Mr. Boye has produced. Many of these designs are covered in his step-by-step instructions.

In, setting up shop, is a basic but interesting article on motors and electrical requirements for setting up the small shop. Some of his comparisons rang a bell with me. Relating amps to the flow of water in a pipe and volts to the pressure pushing that water, helps to clarify, and is an analogy I was taught early on, obviously it stuck.

So it's basic, a little different, but interesting light reading on the subject.
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Enjoy, Cheers