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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Two Long Lived Shop Storage Projects

Both of these projects were built many years ago and have stood up to the abuse of time very well.

The first is a very heavy duty tool stand with built in storage drawers.

The second is a storage trunk originally built for camping but is now used for shop storage.

This trunk was built 33 years ago, yes 33 years ago. It was built to store soft and dry goods on camping trips, like bread, sugar, flour etc. It worked great for that purpose, When camping became less popular it became a shop storage box. First to store my collection of planes and drill bit sets.

Construction is all 1/4" plywood. The interior frames are all 3/4" X 1 1/4" pine and the feet are made from 3/4" steel tubing I had from an old set of bed frames. The sliding removable tray was originally used for camping cutlery. Today I use it for storing various shop fabrics. Its pretty basic construction but still looks pretty much the same as the day I built it.

The tool stand is built very heavy. The frame is welded 2" steel pipe. Over the years I have had a number of different tools mounted on it, a mini mill, drill press, 12" disk sander, currently I have it in a corner of my little machine shop with a small cordless bandsaw for cutting small stock for further work. If I ever build D. Gingery's metal shaper this will be its stand, its been waiting for 16 years.☺

The 6 sliding drawers run smoothly on welded light steel angle and are well supported even when pulled almost right out. The sides and back are covered with one continuous piece of riveted sheet metal.

The base sits on 2" welded angle iron with locking bolts to adjust leveling.