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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fire Wood Or Lumber

So I got out this morning to clean up that downed spruce in "Sawmill Dreams". Cleaned up the saw, new bar and chain and we're ready to go.

There is a large poplar by the lane way near my power line I have been keeping an eye on. Looking up today 15-20 feet from the top I saw streaks of red sap running down the tree from holes in the trunk. The bugs and the woodpeckers going after them, were greatly weakening the trunk in that area. The next good wind storm is likely to snap the top off onto my power line, so down it comes.

Fresh woodpecker hole, going after the bugs.

Chances are a good wind storm would have snapped it off right here. Definitely weakened by the bugs and woodpeckers.

This pine was dead and dried out. I bumped it a few times with the tractor bucket when I did the cut and fill landscaping in this area 3 years ago. I had hoped it would survive, but no, so down it comes.

This is that spruce in the "Sawmill Dreams" post, delimbed and cut into 3-8 ft. lengths and a 18 ft. top.

All loaded up, haven't worked this hard in over 6 months, I'll feel it tomorrow. Working the springs on the old truck too, at 23 years old though, it just keeps on going. A very cold winter a decade ago, I froze the rad. and fried the bearings on it, half way to work one night. I traded the motor in on a rebuild and thats about the only problem I have ever had with it, and that was my fault, ha ha.

So getting to hot to stay out here, I'll finish cleaning up the limbs later when it cools down. It looks like climate change for us up here, means "weather extremes", we just went through a darn cold winter, now the forecast for this summer is blistering hot.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sawmill Dreams

So I spent the afternoon cleaning up my trails, getting a start on my wood pile. As mentioned before, they weren't to bad, considering how bad that winter ice storm was, so pickings were slim.

A bad wind storm brought this one down, just off one of the trails. I have dreams of building a small band sawmill. This is a good candidate for some nice clear spruce boards, relatively straight and 16" diameter. I will have to cut it up into 8' lengths and bring it in, before the bugs get at it.

Right behind it, making it easier to eventually bring it out, is this fine example of a big birch. 22" diameter at the base, lots of fine birch boards in this one. Makes me want to start on that saw mill, ha ha.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Track That Moose"

So beautiful day today, found some fresh moose tracks, so took a walk to see where he had been and get a few pictures. He came out of the woods on the north west side of the property, wandered around my wood pile a couple of times, moved across the lane way to the south east side, browsed on some overhanging pine for a while before heading back into the woods at the east entrance to my walking trails. Since I was there I took a walk around my trails to see how much damage that nasty ice storm did last winter. Not bad, it will require some clean-up to supplement my wood pile but could have been worse. Haven't seen any bears yet, though I did hear a handful of distant shots on my walk, one of the distant neighbours either getting some target practice or chasing down a bear. Gov. brought back the spring bear hunt but it doesn't seem to be reducing the number of bears that prefer dumpsters to browsing.

The east entrance to the trails.

The creek is flowing well, the beavers on the east side of the property must be happy, I'll have to go for a visit when the bush snow has all melted.

Even with snow still on the ground colorful wild flowers are already blooming.

Looking back at the old homestead site that I cleaned up and filled in three years ago.

Looking back at the west entrance to the trails.

Here's a better look at the terracing on the north side it doesn't look it but that bank is over 6' high, lots of grass and weeds growing their. It's more difficult to trim but the more the better to reduce the possibility of erosion, still easier than building a stone wall. Given my Portugese heritage, stone walls should be in my genes, but I don't think they survived the trip across the Atlantic, ha ha.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

"Sure, Grass Will Grow Any Where"

Thats the response I have gotten more than once when bringing up the subject with people. Well I have never been accused of having a green thumb and trying to grow grass on a sandy moraine hasn't changed that, ha ha. It's coming, but requires lots of applications of seed and fertilizer. Two so far and hopefully the third this year will do it. It still works out much cheaper than importing 10 grand worth of top soil for the 8 acres or so around the house. As you can see from the pictures it is coming but there are still lots of thin patches and many outright bare spots of exposed sand.

So here is this years application ready to go. I got 165 lbs of seed and a similar amount of fertilizer. We will give it another similar application of fertilizer later in the year.

It is still a little early for application, another couple of weeks probably. In the meantime, I tuned up my chainsaw, I will have to build up my outdoor firewood storage in the fall so I want to get my indoor storage done now and free up the space for my outdoor storage.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ventilated Roll Up Door Revisited

So now that it is warming up, I have wanted to do an update on the roll up door, after this harsh winter (just to tap myself on the back, lol). The door operated without a problem. I got a bit of snow blown in, just inside the bottom in windy storms and with all the freezing rain we got, the bottom rubber skirt froze to the threshold a couple of times. It was no worse for wear after tapping it loose. So all in all couldn't be much better.

As for the overall design of the space I am very happy with the conveniences. Parking is quick and easy. The tractor and equipment is easily accessed without disturbing the vehicle and the open equipment shed is easily accessed with lots of additional space since the tractor is no longer parked there.

There is a little drifting along the side of the workshop (at the front between the house and workshop). The only way to avoid this was to extend the roof another 20 ft., still much less drifting than before. One change I will probably make is adding a man door to the front lane from the workshop. Access now is only the 3 large vehicle doors and I prefer to keep them locked from the inside when not in use.

So spring is here, 14*C by 2:00 PM today and a couple more days like this in the forecast. Should be down to bare gravel by then.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

January In April

So we got the snow or should I say ice done this morning. It's looking more like January than the end of April out there, if the snow banks are any indication. This storm came down over the course of 4 days and was interspersed with a couple of dumps of freezing rain. The result was a couple of layers of ice sandwiched between layers of snow. Real tough on the blower. The little guy performed like a beast though, didn't even jump a belt or blow a shear pin. Thats 23 horses that definitely earned their wheaties today.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

What The Heck? Where's Spring?

Enough already, lol! Usually my lane way is melted and drying out by now, instead it's close to a white-out out there. Could be worse, could be July, ha ha. The snowmobilers  are loving it, probably longest season in memory.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Odds And Ends

So we got a couple of cm.'s of wet snow yesterday turned cold overnight and froze it to crusty ice.

The forecast is for 20 cm. of snow tomorrow, hopefully thats our April storm come early. I have another month of heating and the wood pile is getting low. I will probably have to dip into the coming winters supply on the left side of the divider, ha ha.

So I was looking through some old binders and came across a plan that brought back some nostalgic memories for me. I traced this plan from an old book I found at the Thunder Bay public library back in the 80's. The tracing paper was large format so I had to stitch it together from 4 scans. Not bad,if you enlarge the image to max size,all the instructions to build that nice gossip bench are there. I have built a version of the desk, without the roll top. The double arm is one I still want to build, The gossip bench and step stool would be nice child's room furniture. Maple, if you can get it for the benches, would be nice.

Hope someone likes this.