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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Scraping And Generating Plates Without a Master

So here is another gem that I found in a used book store many years ago. "Practical Mechanics Handbook" by F. J. Camm was first published in 1938, this copy is from 1942.

I did not white out the background in the following pages and you can see that the acid burn is starting to brown the pages, so I will definitely be scanning this at a later date. I will share it then.

In the mean time here is a nice, short, but information dense chapter on hand scraping from this fine volume. A while back I read a back and forth on a forum concerning generating accurate surface plates using the 3 plate method. Agreement was not mutual. The description here is short but very clear in how to go about generating plates without a master (labor intensive, but thats the nature of the beast). In addition there is good information on the scraping procedure and making your own scrapers. Enjoy.

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