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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Baby Teardrop

Here is a quick little post before I clear my laneway of snow, to make room for the snow storm thats coming ha, ha. I can then settle down for that game later today.

Teardrop sleepers are nice but some people prefer rougher camping experiences, tents, sleeping bags, coolers etc. The problem is transporting all your supplies on a motorcycle or small vehicle can be a challenge. In addition it would be nice to lock away your food supplies at night, from the wildlife. I once had to jump in my vehicle in the middle of the night to chase away a skunk that had gotten into the kitchen tent and was trying to get into the bread box.

Here is a nice little teardrop that is perfect for transporting things like camping supplies. It is small enough and aerodynamic enough to be towed by just about anything. The small size makes it easy to seal out the elements and in a pinch you can always sleep in it, just make sure you can open it from the inside, lol.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Teardrop Trailers

I have mentioned teardrop trailers in a couple of posts before. Their seems to have been some interest but I didn't go beyond talking about the custom fenders I would like for mine, if/when I build one.

Back in the 50's and 60's many of the popular diy magazines published many plans for these attractive little trailers. I think I have most of them in my files along with plans for many modern versions and loads of pictures.

If I am still here when/if I build one I will post much more on this, but for now I put together a 36 page pdf of pictures of mostly my favorite little design. This small teardrop does not require bottom or side materials longer than 8', so lacking any joints, you are insured of a tight seal against the elements. I also included some build pictures to peak your interest.

To download this 36 page pdf click Teardrop Trailer Photos. 2.4 MB - pdf 

Way "COOL" cruising arrangement. 

Hot little sleepers need flames ha, ha.