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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

American Woodworker # 1 - Tenoning Jig

The year after "WOOD" published it's first issue, "American Woodworker" came out with it's first issue. This was 1985 and in addition to "Woodsmith" in 1979, the publishing industry was just getting started.

American Woodworker started out with a similar format as Fine Woodworking, large oversize format with black and white gray scale, cover to cover. I have always liked that format but with the advancements in computerized digitization they soon started experimenting with different sizes and full brilliant color. I think all that color benefits mostly the huge amounts of advertising necessary to keep these publications alive, although "Woodsmith" and "Shop Notes" seem to be doing quite well without it, (the advertising I mean), they make up for some of it with tool reviews.

So from the premier issue of "American Woodworker" I have selected an article for a tenoning jig, an indispensable jig for the table saw, if you do joinery work. The article is by Rosario Capotosto, a huge asset for many magazines in the last 30 years of the last century. Check out the next post for more on Mr. Capotosto.