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Sunday, January 27, 2019

12" Thickness Sander

Planers and drum sanders are expensive, if the work you do does not justify such an expense, a homebuilt drum sander might be the answer. There are lots of plans around the web for drum sanders, some are very advanced with powered feed beds and planer type thickness adjustments, most are much simpler but often need some finesse for a better look.

"WOOD" magazine published a plan back in the 80's that fits both of these characteristics. It is relatively simple to construct and looks great. It will handle a 12" width but this can be easily increased. For purchases you will need a motor, two pillow block bearings, a shaft, and a switch. Yes, thats it, except for the wood and fasteners of course, The listed sources may still be available.

Say "Thank you WOOD magazine" and enjoy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Thickness Sanders

So here is a small file I had (one of many) on thickness sanders. There are two larger units, one a larger version of the the one built by Shop Notes magazine and the other from an old Mother Earth magazine. The remaining ideas and information were from a model ship building site, that I am not sure exists anymore. There is lots of good information there on wood and sanding.

I have always looked at thickness sanders without a powered feed belt or feed rollers as a bit unsafe. If your not hanging on to the wood or slip your grip, the result could be rough. There is a good safety write up at the end of this file for limiting the chance of injury or damage when operating a thickness sander.

To download this file click Thickness Sanders. 1 MB - pdf