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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Taps And Dies And A Tapping Machine

So I recently acquired a couple more original PM Shop Notes. The guy saw me coming, he wouldn't go below $10 each, for well used magazines that originally sold for $1.25. Ha ha, what are you gonna do?

So lots of good stuff in the Winter 1954 PM Shop Notes. I have uploaded some of these projects before, including the tapping fixture below, but the resolutions were poor because they came from a Google scan. I am scanning lots of the stuff in this one, with better resolution and cleaned up much better.

Below is the cover, that neat tapping fixture, and a very nice article on threading with taps and dies. The tap and drill size tables are the most informative I have seen, and very usable compared to the eye straining tables you get with tap and die sets. Printing off a set on laminated paper, for my shop wall, is a must. How tight do you want your threads? These tables give different drill sizes for less than full threads.

As usual click to expand and click again for best view. 

Enjoy cheers.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Why Do Taps Fail?

Everyone who builds things in their home shop has had to use threading taps at one time or another. Over the course of many decades of fooling around in the shop I have used taps and dies countless times, sometimes with more success than others. With the experience of age and repetition  comes more success, ha ha. Here is an article put out by Union Butterfield (a leading manufacturer of taps, dies, drills and other tooling for industry) on the correct use of threading taps to avoid breakage. The article is aimed mainly at screw machine operators but has useful information for anyone who uses threading taps.

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