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Monday, February 19, 2018

Large Tool Chests

So to expand on the previous posts subject matter, a larger collection of tools will require a larger tool chest for proper storage. Paul Hasluck had some good ideas in his book "The Handyman's Book" (See the above post for more on Paul N. Hasluck). Published in 1904, don't let that put you off, it is full of good information and lots of great illustrations and woodcuts.

These tool chests are still popular today. All the senior hands I worked with as a Power Engineer in a paper mill, all had tool chests like these. The company had provided materials and they all built their own tool chests in earlier years. They didn't hold saws and planes, rather pipe wrenches and combination wrenches, but some were going on 30 years and still holding up well. Loaded up they can get heavy, but many had built short stands on casters to wheel them around.

This copy of "The Handyman's Book" is a reprint by 10 Speed Press. It is harder to find on the web than many of Hasluck's other books and at 760 pages it is huge. I might do a multi-part upload at a later date if anyone expresses interest.

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