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Monday, March 12, 2018

"Machine Blacksmithing"

Lindsay Publications published a lot of short reprint manuals (40-60 pages) over the years. Some were complete others were excerpts from larger volumes like some of the ICS texts. I have a hand full of them and will share them over the next little while.

"Machinery" and the Industrial Press published a reference series that ran close to 100 titles back in 1910. All were 45-55 pages and covered machine design, and all manner of metalworking shop practice. Most are available on the Internet Archive but most are very poor quality.

"No. 44 Machine Blacksmithing" was cleaned up and reprinted by Lindsay Pub. My scan came out relatively clean and am happy to share it here.I hope to be able to clean up some of the Archive titles and share them here in the future.

So for a nice small blacksmith tooling manual click "No. 44 Machine Blacksmithing" to download. 6 MB - pdf