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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Eye Candy Treadle Lathe

So from an early 1979 issue of Fine Woodworking and featured in the 1981 "Fine Woodworking Techniques 3", Taunton Press book, comes this very eye appealing treadle lathe. This would be as appealing as a conversation piece as it would be in a power outage, and you need to satisfy an urge to turn something in the shop, ha, ha.

This file has made it's rounds on the web, I downloaded it back in 2012. If you like the idea of a treadle lathe, this is not to difficult a plan, for a very satisfying project.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Treadle Lathe Plans

So I realize there is limited interest in a item such as a treadle lathe in todays environment. My interest lies with Roy Underhill's colonial style reproduction. If you practice your hobby in a small space this is probably not an option, but if space is not a problem, one of these would be a great conversation piece, and if the power goes out, you can always spend your time turning up beautiful shapes, in the shop. No power, not a problem, ha, ha.

The first plan is a nice reproduction of Roy Underhill's lathe by Mike Adams. I found the plan of Mikes lathe on the web many years ago. Mike did a nice job of building Roy's lathe, and wrote and assembled an excellent 19 page pdf manual on the process.

To download the 590 KB pdf click  Treadle Lathe Plans

I found the second plan on the web, also many years ago. Nowhere in this 14 page pdf is the source identified. It is clearly from an older magazine, I suspect it was an older Popular Science plan. It looks like an efficient solid construction and the heavy cast concrete flywheel should do a nice job of storing energy, to even out the power output.

To download the 14 page 389 KB pdf plan click Treadle Lathe.

I have a number of other plans for treadle type lathes. The examples I have posted are a good start, I may revisit this at a later date.

So going to take a little break here, check back end of the week for more blood pumping, excitement inducing, project plans. Insert tongue-in-cheek imoji.


Roy Underhill's Treadle Lathe

So I opened the door to treadle lathes yesterday with the post of a modern version, build manual. For those interested I think it is appropriate that I expand on the subject matter.

Roy Underhill had a long running series on PBS. First started in 1979 it was titled " The Woodwright's Shop" and covered traditional woodcraft, before the onslaught of modern power tools. Roy's woodwright was a "jack-of-all-trades". Throughout the series and in the five books published on the series, Roy takes you through the historical and hands-on aspects of building, construction, and workshop, from blacksmith work to cutting out and putting up a timber frame building and everything in between. As far as working knowledge goes, I see Roy's character and the Grandpa character in "A Book Of Country Things" as being very close, they certainly worked with similar tools.

Five books were published on the series, I have four. I am missing the second volume in the series, I'll find it one day, ha, ha. I will revisit these volumes at a later date, but today I am focused on treadle lathes.

In the third volume "The Woodwright's Work Book", Chapter 4 covers the history and development of the wood turning lathe.

Roy wanted to build a colonial era wood turning lathe. On a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, Roy took a picture of an actual colonial era treadle lathe, housed there. His intention was to reproduce it. (Check out the pavers on the floor. If I get tired of the patio stones I used in my ventilated shop space, this is my preferred option. "Canadian Workshop" magazine did an article years ago, on a guy who did this with his large workshop. Looked great.)

Here is a picture of Roy turning a spindle on his reproduced treadle lathe.

 Here are two measured drawings of Roy's fine reproduction of the colonial era treadle lathe.

Check back this afternoon for two pdf plans of treadle lathes. One is a reproduction of Roy's reproduction. Of course these are 95% wood construction, as opposed to the all metal construction of the modern version, in the previous post.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

How To Make A Treadle-Operated Wood-Turning Lathe # 6

So continuing with ITP's Workshop Equipment series, here is # 6 "How To Make A Treadle-operated Wood-turning Lathe". This is a metalworking project and involves welding but it's used for woodworking (that will piss-off a few, ha, ha).

This lathe is welded up from mild steel sections and incorporates salvaged parts for the flywheel and drive assembly, mainly a brake drum and bicycle drive parts. There are woodturners who prefer to use a treadle lathe even in the presence of power, it's a personal preference. Mainly, treadle lathes are machines from the past when electrical power was something that shot out of the sky in lightning bolts. If your off grid, like to save on your energy bill, or just enjoy the slower control of a treadle lathe this is one of the more advanced versions of the treadle lathe out there.

To download "How To Make A Treadle-operated Wood-turning Lathe" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 67 - 3 MB - pdf.

Looking for a good read? If you like reading politics, and how it is failing us, you might like this.

Interested in reading a good book on the state of the union by a prize winning author? "America, The Farewell Tour" by Christopher Hedges is a good place to start. It has become clear to most that America is on the backside of the slope. The question is how fast and steep will the ride down the slope get? Mr. Hedges is certain we will find that out within the next 20 years (damn, I might live to see it, ha, ha). The author puts the blame squarely on the heads of big business and the 1%. They have destroyed the economic well being of 95% of us, and they are destroying our planet at a unprecedented rate, to satisfy their insatiable appetite, for the power of ultimate wealth. It's a given the Republicans are their puppets and the Democrats have been bought off long time ago. Bernie Sanders was a bright light in the last American election but the Democratic party and their controllers the 1% weren't going to let that happen. The result, Trump. The masses figured he couldn't hurt them worst than Clinton and the Democratic Party had already done (letting the 1% destroy the working class in America to maximize their profits). So what about the 1%, no problem they had both bases covered. God help us, oops, the Republicans own him, were in trouble.