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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fire Wood Or Lumber

So I got out this morning to clean up that downed spruce in "Sawmill Dreams". Cleaned up the saw, new bar and chain and we're ready to go.

There is a large poplar by the lane way near my power line I have been keeping an eye on. Looking up today 15-20 feet from the top I saw streaks of red sap running down the tree from holes in the trunk. The bugs and the woodpeckers going after them, were greatly weakening the trunk in that area. The next good wind storm is likely to snap the top off onto my power line, so down it comes.

Fresh woodpecker hole, going after the bugs.

Chances are a good wind storm would have snapped it off right here. Definitely weakened by the bugs and woodpeckers.

This pine was dead and dried out. I bumped it a few times with the tractor bucket when I did the cut and fill landscaping in this area 3 years ago. I had hoped it would survive, but no, so down it comes.

This is that spruce in the "Sawmill Dreams" post, delimbed and cut into 3-8 ft. lengths and a 18 ft. top.

All loaded up, haven't worked this hard in over 6 months, I'll feel it tomorrow. Working the springs on the old truck too, at 23 years old though, it just keeps on going. A very cold winter a decade ago, I froze the rad. and fried the bearings on it, half way to work one night. I traded the motor in on a rebuild and thats about the only problem I have ever had with it, and that was my fault, ha ha.

So getting to hot to stay out here, I'll finish cleaning up the limbs later when it cools down. It looks like climate change for us up here, means "weather extremes", we just went through a darn cold winter, now the forecast for this summer is blistering hot.