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Friday, June 23, 2017

Beating Back The jungle

So things managed to dry out early in the week and I finally managed to mow and clean up the property somewhat. Its hard to grow grass in sand but the repeated application of seed and fertilizer and lots of rain which we have had in the last month and a half, eventually start to take hold. There are still many sandy thin spots but another year or two of applications, it should all be well filled in. It beats many thousands of dollars in top soil to cover 8 acres. I took a walk around this morning and took some summer pictures.

The back yard looking west.

South west corner of back yard.

South side yard.

Looking east towards property entrance.

Looking south across the property towards the trail entrance.

And this is the entrance to my man cave ha ha , from the municipal road.

Here's the entrance to the walking trail.

Looking down the back trail from the old homestead site.

 A curve in the trail.

Looking back at the exit from the trail near the house.

Can't remember if I uploaded this picture before or not. The rock is the largest one I came across in my landscape diggings. It's got to be at least 10 tons, it originally sat 4 ft. higher than where it is now. It was far to heavy to lift with the tractor so all I could do was dig under it and then push it over, and thats where it sits. If you look at the face of the rock outcrop behind it you get an idea of my depth of excavation in this area, 12' in spots.

Hope you liked my little summer walk. The last coat of urethane is drying on my classic workbench as I write. I will post some pictures tonight or tomorrow.