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Friday, March 9, 2018

Pipe Fitters Manual

So 19 years ago while operating a small co-generation plant, we had a contractor come in to do some high pressure pipe welding. As a free-bee the supervisor handed out a company published pipe fitters manual to the operators. Required reading for their welders, you would think it would be full of company advertising. However there was only one page listing all of the company locations across the country. The remaining 115 pages are chock full of useful metalwork information and tables on anything even close to the pipe fitting trade. Useful formulas, welding info, bolt torque procedures, even wire rope specifications, are all covered.

The manual is spiral bound with tough vinyl covers, just right for the tool box at the job site. Here are some useful pages from this manual. If anyone wants more, message me and I will share the manual in a couple of pdf's.

Click to expand,click again for best view.

The first two pages, some useful formulas for finding areas, volumes, etc.

Many information tables such as the three tables on this page.

Lots of tips and tricks such as this jig for setting up elbow welds.

This is a popular chart for temperature conversion and the melting points of metals and their alloys.

For the non-trained welder, "what rod should I use" is a common question for welding procedures. Here is a clear explanation of the different welding rod types and their intended uses.

Hope the diy home shop welder finds some helpful information here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Welding Fixture - Mini Positioner

I built this welding fixture last September after seeing a idea on the web. I expanded on the idea making it more adjustable and putting it on a 3 legged stand, capable of handling larger work with the added benefit of positioning the clamped work piece in the best weld position.

Heres the idea that sparked my build.

I am not an experienced welder and my equipment is limited to AC stick welders and flux cored wire feed welders. My welds are best done in flat positions, This fixture allows me to clamp up the work and then position and reposition the work for best weld position, without disturbing the work alignment by repositioning clamps.

Construction is all pipe and pipe fittings with the exception of the table, which is a salvaged engine mount from an engine stand. The table is adjustable up and down and 360* in two planes, horizontally and vertically. I have dedicated 4 C clamps for assembly work and 2 vise quick clamps for flat work .

The next 4 pictures shows the degree of adjustment and the mounted clamps.

The next 3 pictures is an example of the set up for welding a small angle iron frame and the adjustments made for best joint access for welding.