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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Pipe Carrier And Static Balancer

The first project plan here is also from "Arc Welding Projects" Volume III. This one is a pipe carrier, but not just a pipe carrier. This is another one I will be looking to build in the new year. I will be widening out the distance between the wheels. Why? Making it wider will allow me to use it for pulling heavy logs out of the woods, as well as moving pipe and steel sections out of storage, to the workshop area.

I have seen more complicated ones that couldn't do what this one will do.

The second project is a 1 page plan for a nice static balancer. My apologies I can't remember where I got it from, I found it printed off in one of my project binders. The plan is sized for balancing dirt bike wheels, so it may have come from one of the many motorcycle sites out there. It is sized for bike wheels, but of course you can balance anything that will fit inside the frame.

The plan is only one page but it is very complete, with full instructions. Dave Gingery built a smaller one in one of the Workshop Series books, but this is nicer and probably easier.

12-Ton Shop Press

Here is a nice clean 12-Ton Shop Press welding plan, from The James F. Lincoln Welding Foundation's "Arc Welding Projects" Volume III.

I currently have a smaller bench mounted 10 ton shop press. It is handy for smaller work and gets used often for bending, straightening, and pressing jobs. I have had occasions when a larger press would have come in handy. The plan has always been to build a larger 20 ton floor mounted press. To that end I acquired two 20 ton jacks, long time ago when the price was right. One for the press, and a second one for back-up.

Now that the steel I need is sitting in storage, I am looking at building the 20 toner in the coming year. The plan will be very close to the 12 ton plan below. I like this plan, it is overbuilt for 12 tons and I will beef it up again, for the 20 toner.

If your interested, there is nice complete step-by-step build instructions here, for building this tough looking little guy.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Farm Equipment Welding Plans

I received an inquiry for "Farm Arc Welding" published by The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation in 1957. I could not find it on my shelves or in my files. I did find a copy of "Farm Equipment Welding Plans" also by the Lincoln Foundation in 1958. It does not have any welding instruction, but it is 100 pages of useful plans for the farmer or rural homesteader. The plans for the two welded benches and steel horses which I have previously posted, came from this book.

It would be too time consuming for me to scan and clean up my copy. If you would like to download a reasonable copy from the Internet Archive, here is the download link.

So it's back to the football game, Wilson and the Seahawks  are starting to run away with it. I will try to post one more woodworking project later today.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

4' Cold Work Anvil Finished Up

So I finally got all my shops cleaned up and organized yesterday, the big V's of Canada Geese are starting to make a racket in the skies, hope that doesn't mean early snow. Next chore is a couple of days to cut the grass and cleanup the property but first I decided to take a day and finish the cold work bench.

On a suggestion from a forum poster I added another 3 or 4 lb's of welding rod to the underside of the RR rail and support joints. The result, hammer swings felt more solid and the ring was clearer and more even across the full length. For paint I went with two coats of Tremclad flat black enamel. Before painting I sprayed down the rail with WD-40 and went over it with a wire brush and sanding disc mounted in my 7" disc grinder. I painted the bottom flange of the rail and left the rest bare. Here are a few more pictures.

If your a knife maker, it is easy to see how a inexpensive bench like this could be your best asset for hammering out blades. Thats just one of many uses you can put this to.

So location, I placed the bench in the walk through area connecting 3 doors, in the welding and rough work shop. So you could say it takes up no space, ha, ha. It's now a walk around area instead of a walk through area. When you come into the shop it is right there so it should be a reminder to use it, and stop destroying vises.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

A Heavy Workbench And A Welding Table

So here are a couple more projects from the Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation's book "Welding Plans For Farm And School Shop". 

The first is a very heavy 2" pipe workbench that will handle the heaviest type of work in the metalworking shop.

The second project is a nice little welding table with accommodation for rod and tool storage, and a lower shield to protect you from sparks and hot slag.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Eye Candy From Miller Welding Gallery

So I started the mark up for the second guard this afternoon, when I got called away, I never did make it back into the shop. Looking through my welding folder this evening I came across a file I put together of some eye candy I found on the Miller Welding Idea Gallery. Most have probably seen some of these before but for those who haven't enjoy. It's a small file 900 KB and 29 pages, pdf.

There is a lot of talented people building a lot of nice projects out there. Some have sites where they document their builds some only share a few pictures on sites where it is safe to do so (like Millers). Forums are ideal for this kind of activity, but there are always a couple of characters who either insist they have the biggest dick and unless you are one of his chosen butt lickers he's going to whip you with it every chance he gets, or there is the character who wants to be a big dick and figures the way to get there is by dishing out backhanded praise comments to anyone who is willing to share his projects, probably in an effort to hide his own lac of production or imagination. If you call him on it, he will tell you he wasn't aware it was a backhanded comment. What a weasel, lol.

In a better environment I am sure many more great creations would be openly shared by creative people. Thats enough.