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Monday, October 22, 2018

Sharpening Mistakes And Solutions

So your probably getting tired of my magazine firsts. I could do many more, but I only have one more prepared for upload, so I will end it there (thats not to say I'll not upload many more magazine articles, just take the focus off premiere issues). I haven't mentioned it, but if someone needs a specific article in a specific magazine they can't find, message me and if I have it, I will try to post it.

"Wood Carving Illustrated" is a little different from the usual fair here. The activity is something most hobbyists have touched on to various degrees. I have touched on it in a few projects over the years, but the most carving I have ever done is probably sitting in front of a campfire, whittling on a stick.

Wood Carving Illustrated was first published in 1997 by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc. with a focus on the interesting, the unusual, and the instructive aspects of the art of woodcarving. Their mission statement reads: "To promote woodcarving as an artform and an enjoyable pastime".

As important, if not more so, to woodcarving, is sharp tools. Sharp tools will turn what might feel like a labour into a joy, and a sharp tool is much safer to use than a dull one. So from the first issue of "Wood Carving Illustrated" 1997 comes this article on sharpening mistakes and solutions.

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