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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Secrets Of A Production Turner

So I got a little time, if your looking for a little reading on some of the best turning wisdom I have come across, take a moment to read this 4 page article. It will be time well spent.

This article was in the February 1986 "Wood" magazine.It features Bert Thompson a Canadian production wood turner who in 1986 was still making a good living at wood turning, as had his ancestors since 1830. Today 32 years since this article, I am sure the market for this work has been greatly reduced in the face of computerized equipment, certainly for staircase and furniture work. However I am sure a market still exists for oversize work, one of's, and other contractor custom work. Just the kind of work that Bert's huge 22' between center lathe could handle.

Bert communicates a lot of good practical information from a lifetime of experience as a turner. Top notch, must read.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Wood Turning Visualized Part 3

So a little late getting part 3 uploaded, spent the morning scanning, cleaning up, and assembling the pdf. Got it uploaded, but for some reason it didn't take, arrrrgggg, ha, ha. Had to upload it again.

This is the last part of this great little book. This part presents a large collection of turned shapes, face plate turned vessels, and various projects. Stools are great for practicing your turning skills, there are a few presented here.

I'll try to start on a new upload next week. Not sure on the subject matter yet.

To download Part 3 of Wood Turning Visualized go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 56 - Part 3 - 5 MB - pdf

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Wood Turning Visualized Part 2

So here is part 2 of "Wood Turning Visualized"  that I promised last week. As mentioned before, if you are new to wood turning or thinking of getting started in this satisfying hobby, this book is the practical, hands on, instructor you need.

The 48 pages in part 2 starts of with safety precautions while using the lathe, takes you through the basics of spindle and faceplate turning,  shows you some jigs and aids to make your turning more productive, and takes you into some practice turnings and projects. Enjoy.

To download "Wood Turning Visualized" Part 2 go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 56 - Part 2 - 8 MB - pdf.

Look for Part 3 next weekend.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Wood Turning Visualized

So for a second post today I started scanning an excellent book on wood turning. If your a novice wood turner, this is the instruction book you need. There are hundreds if not thousands of good books on wood turning out there, this one stands out for me. It will take you from the development of the lathe to the modern (1969) home use lathe, a Delta lathe is illustrated. It covers tools used, tool sharpening, layout tools and their use, safety around the lathe and even jigs to help you lay out work more quickly. Faceplate and between center turning are covered and you get a large number of examples of turned shapes and projects. For the experienced turner I am sure there are tips here you may benefit from.

It was originally published in 1966, this edition in 1969 by The Bruce Publishing Company and authored by Ross C. Cramlet.

Scanning is labor intensive, the book is only 111 pages but I will upload it in 3 parts. Part 1 today is the first 29 pages, I will upload part 2 and 3 over the next two Sundays for the interested.

To download Wood Turning Visualized Part 1 go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 56 Part 1, 5 MB - pdf. Here are a few pictures of what you can expect.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Newnes Complete Practical Woodworking Part 2

So continuing with the "Newnes Complete Practical Woodworking" I have selected a few more articles that some may find interesting. First is an article on some simple but useful tools you can make for your shop. To start off here is the cover and the contents page, in case someone decides to look for it in the used market, where I found my copy.

Lots of good stuff for the small shop DIY'er . The tool boxes, as in a similar previous post, are ideal for the home DIY'er who does the occasional job around the house or yard, and keeps a small set of tools handy and in good shape. The tool hold-all is very convenient for small tools and fasteners, can be stored on a shelf and is easily moved to the job to save you many trips looking for different types and sizes of nails, screws etc.

Friday, September 15, 2017

"Wood Turning"

Here is a great little book for the woodworker on wood turning. This is in the same series as "Woodwork Joints" uploaded earlier. The machines are old but the methods and designs are timeless. Lots of good information, tips, and methods from the beginner to the more advanced wood turner doing faceplate work. Lots of turning designs some in full size. The contents pages speak for themselves.

You can download "Wood Turning" on my Books - Free Downloads page. # 19 - 4 MB - djvu.