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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Handcut Dovetails

So I was browsing my bookshelves looking for something to read when I came across 6 issues of Woodcuts magazine. This magazine was published by Algrove Publishing, owned by Leonard Lee, who also owned Lee Valley Tools and the Veritas Tool Co. Unfortunately it only published 9 issues, 1992 and 1993, before it stopped publication. Mr. Lee blamed a lack of articles among others, and the "Canadian reserve", a reference to the accusation that Canadians show lots of interest but stop at interaction or participation, such as contributing articles or making suggestions.

It's to bad I saw a lot of potential in this magazine, top quality paper and beautiful layout. It was canceled before I even new it existed. I walked into the Lee Valley Tools store in Ottawa one day, and quickly grabbed the last 6 issues they had on the shelf.

Here is an article on classic hand cut dovetails from the 1st issue. I have posted articles on dovetails before, Ed Deak, author of this article, outlines his method of producing quicker and tighter handcut dovetails.

There are some who will go out of their way to figure out how to use a power tool for an operation, without ever considering a hand tool. Something is lost without that close contact, ha, ha. My grade 9 shop teacher required that we cut a passable dovetail joint, joining the ends of two short pieces of 1 X 4's, before we were allowed to turn on the power tools.

Even Norm Abram has been caught using hand tools.

Of course he has also been caught assembling chairs with framing nail guns, lol.

Not taking anything away from Norm, he is a pro, part of the job to keep the show going, was to sell power tools.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Woodworking Joints

Here is a book that anyone who works wood will enjoy, novice or advanced. "Woodwork Joints" covers most joints that anyone could ever hope to use from the glue joint to a selection of puzzle joints and everything in between. Each joint is illustrated and described with intended use. There are also illustrations of nice pieces of furniture where specific joints are used.

If you have ever wondered, what kind of joint should I use here, This book might have the answer.

You can download "Woodworking Joints" on my Books - Free Downloads page.