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Monday, January 21, 2019

19 Shop Helper Plans

So it has been a while since I posted wood shop ideas. Looking through my woodworking folder files I came across a nice collection of workshop aids and jigs published by "WOOD" magazine. Couldn't find the publication date, I found the file back in 2009, but I think most of the plans came from the late 80's early 90's "WOOD" magazine. A nice collection of useful ideas here.

To download this 22 page collection click 19 Great Projects For The Shop. 3.55 MB - pdf

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

"Capotosto's Woodworking Wisdom"

So in the previous post I featured a tenoning jig by Rosario Capotosto, this jig was also included in one of my favorite books by Mr. Capotosto. Throughout the last 30 years of the last century Mr. Capotosto was a huge asset for many of the woodworking related magazines. Possibly 100's of his articles and plans were published in many magazines, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics being the big standouts. In addition Mr. Capotosto published many good books on the subject.

"Capotosto's Woodworking Wisdom" is probably my favorite of his books. It was published in 1983 by Popular Science Books and Van Nostrand Reinhold Company. This book is full of useful tips and jigs for the workshop, lots of plans to make your shop safer and more productive. In addition there is a nice collection of projects for around the house and yard.

So in addition to the tenoning jig in the previous post here are a couple of more jigs, you will find in this book. I purchased mine new when it went into publication, nowadays the used market is your most likely source, I have never come across it online but people with better online skills than I have, may find a source.

Edit: Want to make a nice jig even better? Here is my suggestion, rout a recess in the base to fit a hard drive magnate and epoxy in place. Everyone has at least one dead hard drive kicking around, ha ha. The magnate will give a solid attachment to the table saw top for consistently accurate adjustments from a small lite jig like this.

Boy it's a good thing I live on a highly porous sand moraine,otherwise I would be sitting in the middle of a swamp right now, lol. It has been heavy, steady rain for two days now and it's not supposed to stop till tomorrow.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Accuracy In Drilling And Sanding

So here are a couple of articles, a plan and some jigs, to increase your accuracy with the drill press and belt and disk sander. The first is a nice plan from a pre-1930's PM Shop Notes, for a fine feed attachment for your drill press. The fine feed can't be beat for doing accurate drilling in the drill press. You can also do light milling work on your drill press with this attachment. The problem here is that without a draw bar, few import drill presses have spindles accurate enough to keep your chuck and tooling from dropping out and the spindles often have a sloppy fit and light bearings. Ok for their intended purpose, but even light milling can be a step to far.

The second article is a nice collection of quick jigs for doing accurate repeatable work on the disc and belt sander. The article is by R. J. Cristoforo and if you do woodwork, then you have probably come across some of his many books and articles on the subject. This article was published in the 1984 Popular Science Yearbook.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Busy Bee Pro-Staff Tips

So since Busy Bee's machines and logo are all over this article, it may look promotional, but beyond that, the information is informative and applies to shop machines of any brand.

I found this info on their site years ago, it may still be there but I have not seen it lately. The article does not focus on machines but rather on tips and techniques in there operation. I like the easy and accurate plan for making a 0 clearance table saw insert, and the machine mortise and tenons and dovetail jig operation are well documented.

Most hobby woodworkers will find something useful here, click Busy Bee Pro-Staff Tips to download the 36 page file. 651 KB - pdf