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Monday, January 29, 2018

Solutions For The Small Hobby Shop

There are many people who would like to practice hobby interests but are often limited by the space available. Model making, toy construction, small wood and metal craft interests do not require a large shop or dedicated machines that eat up floor space and produce lots of noise and dust. Hand tools and portable power tools are more suitable for a spare room apartment shop or a small basement space or outdoor shed in a typical townhouse. So the challenge is to set up an efficient method of working with these tools in a smaller space.

I have assembled this pdf with plans from a couple of sources, (1989 Popular Mechanics Yearbook, and 2012 Fine Woodworking Tools And shops) that together make for one solution to the limited space workshop.

The set up consists of three constructions. All three are on mobile casters so they can be moved around to utilize your space or tucked off to the side when not in use. The first is a power tool table which will allow you to set up two portable power tools as stationary power tools at the same time. With the right adapter bases you can run any portable tool as a stationary tool, lots of storage, nice design, looks solid and accurate. To compliment this table is a small-parts cabinet that doubles as a out feed  support for the circular saw. Lots and lots of storage for all those small nails, screw, nuts, bolts, and parts that accumulate over time. The third piece comes from FWW’s Tools And Shops. No shop could be called a shop without a workbench, the problem is most good ones are large and heavy. This design is unique and perfectly suited for the small shop. Made from mostly sheet material it incorporates a wet dry vac. combined with a commercially available cyclone collector for dust control. A solid top with a unique inexpensive clamping system and convenient power access for your portable tools.

A small shop equipped in this manner with good quality portable tools would provide all the needs for a hobbyist to produce some nice work in a small space.  I could go on about how a band saw and a drill press would be nice but that would be getting beyond the scope of the small shop. Smaller bench top units could be easily incorporated into this set-up.

To download the pdf click Solutions For The Small Hobby Shop - 6 MB - pdf. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017


So I didn't manage to get into the workshop today, but here is another file I made up years ago (I have over 200 GB of them, I thought I reached the end of the web one day, but it was just a diy'er with a great site playing a joke on me, ha, ha, ha)  of some workbench eye candy.

Workbench World is an Australian site that builds and sells workbenches of all types for schools and industry. They use a Australian wood called Jarrah with ideal characteristics for workbench construction. I imagine its rare and expensive in North America but their beautifully designed benches, and great ideas, can of course be made from the wood type of your choice.

So click Workbenches to download a 41 page, 1.2 MB, pdf file of workbench eye candy.

Below is a picture of their latest design, a Roubo bench version that has a few of the ideas I incorporated in my bench build. You can see more details and benches on there site at this link Workbench World.

Beeeeautifull, Gives me inspiration to build another bench. Ha, ha.