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Friday, February 1, 2019

Building A Classic Cabinet Makers Workbench

I can't remember where I found this pdf. Steve the builder has not updated his site since 2004, the free for distribution plan was posted in 2006 and is not on his site. This much time later, I am at a loss as to where it was posted.

This is a beautifully done workbench in the classic cabinet makers style. Remember Tage Frid's bench in FW # 4, same style, except this one is larger. Very nice. Steve names 2 other magazines and a book, where he got his ideas from. Included with the build document are fully measured drawings for the prospective builder. At 103 pages Steve leaves little to the imagination. If you like this style, it doesn't get much better than this.

To download this great workbench plan click Building A Cabinet Makers Workbench 4.2 MB - pdf.

Building A Roubo Bench

So a while back I posted a series of workbench plans. There seems to have been lots of interest, so here are a couple of more.

The first is another Roubo style bench. This one is built by Nick Myers and was posted on the now defunct site. As before Nick, if you object to reposting, message me and it will be removed. Nick built a beautiful and very heavy bench from a neighbor's downed Red Oak tree. He cut it up himself with a chainsaw mill and let it dry for quite a few years. It made for challenging material but in the end Nick produced a very inspiring workbench.

To download a 2.2 MB pdf of Nick's bench build click Building A Roubo Bench.

After building the Roubo bench, Nick decided he wanted a Moxon vise, common to Holtzapffel style benches. As you recall I incorporated both types into my bench, works if you have access to both sides of the bench. If you do lots of hand tool work on the ends of boards, such as dovetail work on drawer construction, the Moxon is the way to go. Nicks Moxon is portable and easily clamped to the surface of the workbench.

To download the 600 KB pdf of Nicks Moxon build click Building A Low Cost Moxon Vise.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

"Mobile Workbench"

The materials are plywood and MDF, don't turn your nose up ha, ha, this is a solid little bench, with good work holding options, and it's mobile to move around the shop. Construction is relatively simple but the design has nice lines and looks more difficult than it is. For the small shop, with a DIY'er doing a variety of different work, this would be a very handy bench.

The bench is by Bruce Kieffer and was in the September 2010 Handy issue.

To download the 5 page article click Mobile Workbench - 876 KB - pdf.

So I hope this selection of workbenches finds interest in anybody looking for ideas on building a workbench. This is a small selection of what is available out there, and often the best bench for a particular person does not come in a plan but is a compilation of various ideas, assembled to suit the type of work you plan on subjecting it too, and the space available.

So I am going to take a break from the computer for a couple of weeks. Check back around Xmas, if my slow connection co-operates, we might be able to get a few goodies under the tree.

So a heads up, I don't know yet if I will be re-newing this blog, when it comes up for renewal in the spring. It was never ment for long term, it is more of a bucket item I can put behind me now, and it takes time away from other things. I initially tried to avoid it by posting on forums, but it quickly became clear that was a waste of time.

"New Fangled-Workbench"

And now for something different. Here is a plan for a large, solid, workbench with lots of clamping and support options, and not a single vice to be found. For a large solid workbench this is about as inexpensive as it gets, 6 standard 3/4" pipe clamps and some construction grade lumber is all you will need.

This plan was in the Fine Woodworking, November, 1999 issue. John White did the article and the build.

Its a short article so rather than a pdf, here are the images, expand to max. before saving.

"Building The Holtzapffel Workbench"

Recently one of my favorite sites shut down and has disappeared (except for on the wayback machine). Loved the submitted articles and there cleaned up old tech books. It's a big loss.

David Pearce submitted a number of articles documenting a number of projects. David started out a relative newbe learning the craft of woodworking. One of his first documented projects was a Holtzapffel workbench back in 2008. Without alot of experience he produced a nice solid bench that would provide long service.

In David's words "In my attempt to learn the craft of woodworking, I have discovered that one of the most valuable tools a woodworker needs is a good workbench. Rather than delve into the details of my journey from doing general carpentry with power tools to learning the more traditional woodworkers methods using hand tools (which drove my reasoning to build a good, solid workbench), I want to take the approach of showing the process of building the bench using limited resources and relatively basic knowledge and skill of woodworking."

I made up many pdf's of the articles on WK Fine tools over the years, so it feels good to know not everything is lost. I have a few other of Davids projects. David if you see this and object to being reposted, message me and I will remove it.

To download the 54 page build document click Building The Holtzapffel Workbench - 2.5 MB - pdf.

"Building A Roubo-Workbench"

Every workshop needs a workbench, and every workbench is the most used piece of equipment in a workshop. I have posted plans for benches before and of course I documented my most resent workbench build here Classic Inspired Workbench. My workbench adopted aspects of both the classic Roubo and Holtzapffel designs in addition to a few ideas of my own, such as a built in clamp storage rack. Over a lifetime I have built at least half a dozen workbenches, small and large. I paid the most attention to building this one, and it has turned out to be the most used piece of equipment in all of my shops.

So In the following four posts I am going to present a number of different workbench designs, starting with a dream of a top end Roubo bench that will make anyone salivate with envy, and finishing with an easy, portable, solid, plywood and MDF bench.

The first is a reproduction of a classic Roubo bench built and documented by Guido Henn a German Master Craftsman. (an online German fine tool seller) has its name all over the documentation and may have sponsored this build to promote the "Benchcrafted" hardware used, which they sell. No two ways about it, this bench is high end, from the hard maple used, to the top quality hardware, this bench takes your breath away.

To download the 42 page build document click Building A Roubo-Workbench - 6 MB - pdf. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

4-Way Workbench

So in a interview this morning on the radio about his new book "Buseyisms", Gary Busey recounted a story from the 80's when he went over the handle bars of his Harley and split his scull open from his brow to the top of his head. He says he died on the operating table and entered the after life as a small 1/4" thick floating soul. He was surrounded by luminescent floating orbs with spears of light jabbing out from their centers, He was given the choice to stay or come back to the living. Ha ha ha ha ha lol. Sometimes he can rise above the cheap laughs and actually be funny, his head hit the pavement, he was still seeing stars ha ha ha.

Don't go away yet, here is an excellent plan for a turners workbench with limited shop space. I like my rural setting and with a lot of hard work, have all the shop space I want. Most people are not, nor have any desire, to be in that position but would still like to pursue a craft, in a small space.

"The Complete Book Of Home Workshops" has a couple of nice plans for workbenches to suit these needs. Today I will upload the plan for a wood turners bench. This 4 in 1 bench with a 14" band saw and a drill press would be all the larger machines a woodturner would need to produce some nice work. It would fit in a small space, and the bench does multiple functions including mounting and storing of a very substantial lathe. In this case a full size iron bed lathe that looks like a Rockwell.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Solutions For The Small Hobby Shop

There are many people who would like to practice hobby interests but are often limited by the space available. Model making, toy construction, small wood and metal craft interests do not require a large shop or dedicated machines that eat up floor space and produce lots of noise and dust. Hand tools and portable power tools are more suitable for a spare room apartment shop or a small basement space or outdoor shed in a typical townhouse. So the challenge is to set up an efficient method of working with these tools in a smaller space.

I have assembled this pdf with plans from a couple of sources, (1989 Popular Mechanics Yearbook, and 2012 Fine Woodworking Tools And shops) that together make for one solution to the limited space workshop.

The set up consists of three constructions. All three are on mobile casters so they can be moved around to utilize your space or tucked off to the side when not in use. The first is a power tool table which will allow you to set up two portable power tools as stationary power tools at the same time. With the right adapter bases you can run any portable tool as a stationary tool, lots of storage, nice design, looks solid and accurate. To compliment this table is a small-parts cabinet that doubles as a out feed  support for the circular saw. Lots and lots of storage for all those small nails, screw, nuts, bolts, and parts that accumulate over time. The third piece comes from FWW’s Tools And Shops. No shop could be called a shop without a workbench, the problem is most good ones are large and heavy. This design is unique and perfectly suited for the small shop. Made from mostly sheet material it incorporates a wet dry vac. combined with a commercially available cyclone collector for dust control. A solid top with a unique inexpensive clamping system and convenient power access for your portable tools.

A small shop equipped in this manner with good quality portable tools would provide all the needs for a hobbyist to produce some nice work in a small space.  I could go on about how a band saw and a drill press would be nice but that would be getting beyond the scope of the small shop. Smaller bench top units could be easily incorporated into this set-up.

To download the pdf click Solutions For The Small Hobby Shop - 6 MB - pdf. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017


So I didn't manage to get into the workshop today, but here is another file I made up years ago (I have over 200 GB of them, I thought I reached the end of the web one day, but it was just a diy'er with a great site playing a joke on me, ha, ha, ha)  of some workbench eye candy.

Workbench World is an Australian site that builds and sells workbenches of all types for schools and industry. They use a Australian wood called Jarrah with ideal characteristics for workbench construction. I imagine its rare and expensive in North America but their beautifully designed benches, and great ideas, can of course be made from the wood type of your choice.

So click Workbenches to download a 41 page, 1.2 MB, pdf file of workbench eye candy.

Below is a picture of their latest design, a Roubo bench version that has a few of the ideas I incorporated in my bench build. You can see more details and benches on there site at this link Workbench World.

Beeeeautifull, Gives me inspiration to build another bench. Ha, ha.