Friday, January 26, 2018

Winter 2017-18

So I spent this afternoon clearing the latest snow fall. Brought along the camera and took a few pictures. Not a lot of snow this year, certainly less than normal, however this was counterbalanced with more days below -30*C than I recall in recent memory. The worst part of this winters weather is the many sudden wild swings in temp. from very cold to plus temps usually accompanied with rain or freezing rain, lasts a day or two and then we plunge into the deep freeze again. Its forecast to be +3*C and drizzle tomorrow and -28*C Sunday.

Here are a few pictures after I finished the lane-way today.

1946 Popular Science Annual PDF

So here is a 30 page pdf of the two previous posts of the 1946 Popular Science annual, in addition there is a further 10 pages of projects to complete this years highlights. For those interested in some of these projects the pdf makes it convenient and keeps everything together.

To download the pdf click 1946 Popular Science Annual Highlights. 9 MB - pdf

Here,s a chuckle from the Metalworking Dropbox.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering Part 2

So hopefully the first part of "Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering" found some interest. For those interested here is part two. This part covers the next four chapters starting with hardening and tempering of metals, moves to testing for properties and then covers protection and coloring of metals. Chapter 7 introduces the fabrication of a lathe to illustrate purpose and standards of tooling.

As mentioned before this is as good basic information for the hobby metalworker as you will find anywhere, in a easy format.

To download click "Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering" Part 2. 6 MB - pdf

Furniture For The Craftsman by Paul D. Otter

So its been a while since anything was uploaded for the woodworker, so here is an older book from the internet archive with some nice designs and ideas. Unlike many books from that time this book is written for the home diy craftsman, less technical and more hands on. It starts off with a discussion of  different furniture styles, then moves into the tools of the craft (for the clamp challenged there is an interesting glue-up press that is about as quick to operate as anything I have seen). This is followed up with interesting furniture ideas for every room in the house and many ideas for some very interesting outdoor furniture. It finishes of with information on finishing and upholstery. I am sure most woodworking hobbyists will find something interesting here.

To download "Furniture For The Craftsman" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 45 - 9 MB - djvu

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1946 Popular Science Annual Part 2

So here are 3 more projects from the 1946 PS annual for the hobby machinist. These are more advanced projects, but must tooling for threading and small turning and milling work in the lathe. the solid sanding table and faceplate make for fast  finishing of flat surfaces.

First is a nice threading dial indicator.

The second project is a very useful draw-in chuck and spring collet set.

A nice plan for a heavy sanding disk and table, including pattern instructions. Iron would be nice but cast in heavy section aluminum would also be great.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Two Recent Reads

So catching up on some reads lately, the Trump related "Fire And Fury" caught my eye. Found it was more about Bannon than it was about Trump, and the stick you in the back, before you stick me, environment that permeated the west wing, in an effort to curry favour and influence over the self centered all powerful.

Hey nothing new about that, thats the experience of most people in most environments be it work, social or even the occasional forum ha, ha. Not an environment I ever cared for, always wondered how anyone got anything done. As for Trump the excerp from the next book might explain alot.

The other read I just completed "When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops" by George Carlin is a collection of Carlin's stand up rants and routines. Carlin's insights into human nature and the human condition are often hilarious and always insightful, I have always found his delivery very entertaining.

Below is an excerp of one of his rants. Be warned there is some very colorful language here. If you object don't read.

I included the last quote to show he spares no one. Even those nice people north of the border get put in their place, LOL.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

1946 Popular Science Annual

So only two more Football Sundays left this season figured I better get these up tonight.I have 21 Popular Science Yearbooks with lots of very nice furniture plans, but I could only find two of the old annuals. Here are some nice short projects for the metal lathe hobbyist, from the 1946 annual. There are a few more for a later posting.

Good info for the metal shop hobbyist who likes to make his own accessories, hope someone finds this useful.

Friday, January 19, 2018

PM Yearbook Projects Part 2

So here are a couple more projects and an article from the PM 75-82 yearbooks. So I will start off with a clear but too short article on Ohm's law.

The 1 HP = 746 watts statement can be deceptive and would have benefited from further explanation. This only applies to a 100% efficient system. A heating element is 100% efficient. Most other electrical equipment is not. Motors are generally 65% to 75% efficient at the shaft output. Some claim efficiencies as high as 82 or 83%.

As a general rule I look for a 10 Amp draw at 115 Volts per HP give or take a bit. This gives you 1150 watts, which equals 65% efficiency. Also be aware that starting loads can be two or three times higher. Modern breakers usually have built in time delays to compensate for this. Imports will often only include voltage and HP on their labels. Their's a very good chance they are using Ohm's law to determine HP disregarding the actual efficiency of the motor. The only motor which can approach 100% efficiency would be one constructed from superconductive materials, and superconductivity at room temperature is still many years if not decades away.

If you have a small lathe and basic welding equipment the next project is very useful around the shop. You can make quick and easy scroll work, hooks, brackets, and decorative metal work with this solid metal bender.

The next project is also very useful in the shop and around the house for producing accurate square cuts in  many different materials from glass to photo mats, and this cutting board conveniently folds up for storage.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Popular Mechanics Yearbook Projects

So as promised here is the plan for a cider press. The plan also includes a plan for a cider grinder,so if you want to make your own cider, you will be well equipped  with these plans. These are my own scans from the PM yearbooks so resolution is very good down to the material lists. If anyone wants to build any of the previous shop notes plans but finds the resolution lacking for the fine print, like that in the material lists, drop me a note and I will try to find it in my encyclopedias or yearbooks and upload a better scan.

Click images to expand and then click again for best view.

Here are a couple more interesting plans from the same 75-82 period, that I feel better about uploading, since I can control the quality of the upload. The first is a plan for a shop-built polisher. After uploading the tumbler and faceting machine plans I would be remiss if I didn't include this one. A tumbler does a good job but takes a long time, this vibratory polisher accomplishes the same in one quarter of the time. Looks complicated but it is not, an easy construction for what you get.

Here's a blast from the past. Remember spirograph, it was a popular toy from many many years ago, it came with different size plastic gears to produce a variety of designs. This plan is much more robust and will survive in the shop for, in addition to pen and paper creations, you can use a diamond point grinding wheel dresser to engrave metals for an outstanding finish.